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Hate, Inc is based on the need for an accurate and reliable source of information about hate group activity. Stopracism.ca provides two partial solutions to this need.

The first is an open community-based approach, providing public information in one location on individuals and groups. This includes media reports and other sources of public information such as video, pictures and human rights complaints, summaries of court and other decisions, and in some cases the decisions in their entirety. These can be accessed below. To make a report on a hate crime, please go to our report hate form on the menu bar above.

The purpose of including complaints and decisions is to provide a deterrent to hate crime and to provide examples of how to make a complaint. Please also goto our legislation section on the menu bar above.

The second solution to the need for accurate and reliable information about hate groups and hate group activity is our private database on hate groups and hate group members. This database can only be accessed by accredited researchers.


The production and distribution of hate propaganda and the recruitment of young impressionable followers is a business that hate group leaders milk. Hate does not spring miraculously from the soil: it is made and remade for the benefits of a few and the hurt and destruction of many. The fight against hate is a fight against fascism and the return to the horrors of the Nazi era.

You can be a part of the solution

You can contribute to stopracism.ca. This is totally community based and driven project. No government funds are involved. We have found that governments world-wide have fled from active anti-racism to a passive approach that centers on accepting diversity and promoting multiculturalism. This is good as far as it goes, but it does not address real needs in the real world.

So your help and support is vital to maintain this website. You can help by donating and by helping to build our database on hate by submitting reports and information about incidents.


We are, as always, indebted to all those who have posted information about hate groups and to those who have contributed pictures of suspected or actual group members. We are also indebted to our IP service provider and our technical help, without whom this site would not exist.

New Information

We are adding new information virtually every day and refining our search criteria. If you see something missing, wrong, or misleading, let us know.

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Hate, Inc

A number of activists realized the need for a reliable and accurate source of information about hate incidents, hate activity and legal precedents built on a peer-reviewed collaborative, community model. This is our effort to build that data base. We are going to incorporate all forms of information, including text, videos, sound recordings and pictures. However, it will take some time to work out the information architecture to make the access to these data easily accessible. Your help is appreciated.

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