Adolf Hitler admirer upset Capilano University turfed him as Buddhist meditation instructor

A Vancouver resident who expresses admiration for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis on YouTube says he’s been “fired” by Capilano University as a continuing-education instructor.

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Countering hate speech on social media

Social media has proven itself to be the greatest bastion of free speech on the Internet. Governments have usually refrained to interfere in this domain and until now the arena is marked with a great sense of openness. People express their political and social views publicly and in a rather frank manner. But this fondness for freedom of expression has lead to emergence of a disturbing trend over the years as the line between freedom of speech and hate speech has become blurred.

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Terry Tremaine Neo-Nazi case won’t be heard by Supreme Court, Human Rights Tribunal ruling stands

OTTAWA — Canada’s top court will not hear an appeal in a case involving a neo-Nazi leader’s web postings that could have determined the power of Canada’s quasi-judicial human rights tribunals.

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