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Rebel Media’s Jason Kenney Coverage is Being Funded With Foreign Money From an Anti-Muslim Billionaire

Rebel Media’s Alberta correspondent’s paycheque is directly subsidized with the help of a foreign billionaire

It turns out Rebel Media’s coverage of Jason Kenney is funded with foreign money.

Rebel Media Cuts Ties With Racist “Nationalist” Star (Jan. 2019 Edition)

"The “white genocide” booster, who once seemed dismayed by the presence of Black people in Toronto, was the biggest name remaining at a site that once served as the SNL of launching alt-lite careers, boasting such luminaries as Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, and others whose names are mercifully no longer at the ready in our heads. Hopkins’s departure also means that for the first time in nearly two years, there is no one on the masthead listed as a “Shillman Fellow,” a position subsidized by barcode-scanner magnate Robert Shillman. Robinson, a previous fellow, reportedly earned the equivalent of about $170,000 CAD per year from the site. Last year, Hopkins applied for insolvency following the loss of a high-profile defamation suit. Having joined the site in January of 2018, Hopkins’s tenure lasted nearly a full year. Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka, Rebel Media’s other high-profile get last year, stuck around for just two and a half months."