This blog article is the first known publication in Canada related to Firearms, Gangs and Extremists that specifically comments on the intersections of gangs, extremism, firearms law and Internet in Canada.

This article is written with knowledge (of the author) that national security teams across Canada have failed to address the alarming fact that para military extremist training camps have emerged all over western Canada in the last two years. These training camps use both firearms and improvised explosives.

Also, gang units and national security teams are aware of the connections between gangs and extremist groups throughout Canada but choose to not address the interplay between gangs and extremists.

This article is written with the intention to contribute to a momentum of  ideas for addressing a real problem: Firearms, Gangs, Extremists and the Internet.

Canadian anti-immigrant group exploits local divisions to gain legitimacy, says expert

By PERRIN GRAUERStarMetro Vancouver

VANCOUVER—The anti-immigrant Soldiers of Odin was used as “security” by a group opposing a homeless camp in Nanaimo on Sunday, drawing words of warning from an anti-racism educator who says the far-right organization is trying to legitimize itself in the mainstream.