Soldiers of Odin

Canadian Armed Forces members linked to six hate groups: internal report

By Stewart Bell and Mercedes Stephenson Global News

The interruption of an Indigenous protest by Canadian Armed Forces members representing the "Proud Boys" organization has many wondering who the "Proud Boys" are and what their presence means in Canada.

Canadian Armed Forces members have been linked to six hate groups since 2013, according to an internal report that said the issue was damaging the military’s image.

The report by the Military Police Criminal Intelligence Section said 16 members of the armed forces and reserves had been associated with hate groups.

BC’s Increasingly Bizarre Anti-SOGI Bandwagon

Foes of teaching inclusive sexual identity now include a transgender man guarded by Soldiers of Odin, and other alt-righters.

Supporters of SOGI 123 protest outside a recent talk by Jenn Smith on Vancouver Island. Photo by Tony Sprackett.

Dressed in a long blonde wig, black skirt with its hem cut below the knee, fringed leather jacket, and jewellery that included a large crucifix, transgender speaker Jenn Smith arrived on a sunny evening in early May to give a talk in Greater Victoria.

Twitter bans white-nationalist group Canadian Nationalist Front

Twitter suspended accounts associated with the white-nationalist group Canadian Nationalist Front on Tuesday, a day after Facebook banned that group as well as others it said promoted “organized hate” from its platform. The move comes as lawmakers in Canada and abroad debate imposing new rules on social-media companies in the wake of deadly shootings at two mosques in New Zealand.

On Tuesday, Twitter declined to comment but confirmed that multiple accounts affiliated with the group were permanently suspended under its Violent Extremist Group policy.

Hate crime unit monitoring anti-Islamic group after confrontation at Al Rashid Mosque

Police are investigating after members of an anti-Islamic group showed up at Al Rashid Mosque and confronted people arriving for Friday prayers.

According to Al Rashid spokeswoman Noor Al-Henedy, two men entered the mosque and appeared to be scouting the building.

One of the men was wearing a toque printed with the Arabic word for ‘infidel.’

She said Al Rashid’s executive director tried to speak to the men, but they walked outside, met up with at least two other men, and then got into a confrontation with community members in the mosque’s parking lot.

Hate crimes unit consulted for investigation after Edmonton mosque visited by men known to police

Edmonton police said their hate crimes unit was called in to help investigate after a prominent and well-attended mosque in the northwest part of the city was visited by a group whose activities are known to police.

A police spokesperson told Global News they could not identify the group being monitored because “groups change names and alliances frequently, so there’s no consistent name they go by.”

The communications director of Al Rashid Mosque said people she works with were very concerned when the men visited.

What’s in a name? Alberta’s extremist groups splinter over how they should spread their message

EDMONTON—Even the Wolves of Odin’s sergeant-at-arms admits he has trouble keeping track of all the group’s offshoots.

Whether it’s Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Canadian Infidels, or The Clann, there’s a rift occurring among extremist groups in Edmonton.

“I don’t really know what’s going on with all these different clubs, either, especially these last three weeks,” said Lloyd Thomas, a former member of Edmonton’s Soldiers of Odin who is now sergeant-at-arms of Wolves of Odin.

Edmontonians condemn Soldiers of Odin rally

A protest against a hate demonstration planned for Tuesday night was cancelled due to safety concerns, but a community organizer said a broader event against racism is in the works for late September.

Community members originally intended a direct counter to an event publicized by the Edmonton Chapter of Soldiers of Odin, a hate group rooted in the far-right.

Soldiers of Odin at anti-SOGI rally in Vancouver

The organizer of an anti-SOGI123 rally in Vancouver Monday said she invited members of the Hells Angels to attend. [Soldiers of Odin present see pictures]

“We invited the Hells Angels, we invited anybody who has children and who has a stake in education that is opposed to SOGI is welcome to stand with us,” said Kari Simpson of the Culture Guard group.

She said some accepted the invitation and attended.

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