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Gavin McInnes Said His Proud Boys Were Built for Violence. Now Trump Is Sending Them Signals

From Vice to virulence: the noxious Canadian export in his own words and deeds. On video, too.

As Donald Trump gives Americans reason to fear that his loss in the November election will trigger mayhem propagated by racist thugs, a key catalyst for such concerns is a Canadian: Gavin McInnes.

Canadian Outlet Serving Rage Bait to Far-Right America

A Canadian web publication called The Post Millennial is gaining traction among far-right American audiences. It has all the dressings of a standard news website​—a sleek interface, a masthead, a ​prominently displayed code of ethics—but the content, following themes popular among far-right audiences, strays far from what any standard news site would produce.

America’s QAnon problem is infecting Canada. What should we do about it?

In July, a heavily armed military reservist from Manitoba who had posted memes on Instagram about the QAnon conspiracy rammed his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall. Minutes away from Parliament Hill, Rideau Hall is the official residence of Canada’s Governor General, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s temporary residence is on its grounds.

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The data scientist exposing US white supremacists: 'This is how you fight Nazis'

After surviving far right violence in Charlottesville, Emily Gorcenski has tracked the Proud Boys and other extremist groups

 Emily Gorcenski is an American data scientist and anti-fascist researcher who now resides in Germany. Photograph: Marzena Skubatz/The Guardian

Parliamentary district protest camp leads to tighter security — and a criminal complaint

Across the road from the prime minister's office, in a park owned by the federal government, sits a protest camp filled with people who want to arrest Justin Trudeau and throw him in jail.

On Canada Day, a fringe protest group calling itself the Canadian Revolution set up a tent village in a patch of greenspace adjacent to the National War Memorial. The camp has become a base for Canadian Revolution members who roam the area around Parliament Hill accosting politicians and journalists.

CSIS withholds information on Wet'suwet'en demonstrations citing national security threat exemption

Professor says CSIS sees Indigenous movements as challenging Canadian sovereignty

Canada's spy agency has refused to release internal records on Indigenous-led actions in support of Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs by using an exemption under the access to information law normally reserved for information related to gathering intelligence to detect or suppress terrorism. 

How right-wing extremists, libertarians and evangelicals built Quebec's movement against COVID-19 restrictions

They may appear to make strange bedfellows, but experts say they share some fundamental values

Jonathan Montpetit · CBC News

The main event at a demonstration protesting COVID-19 restrictions last weekend north of Montreal was a speech by Steeve L'Artiss Charland, one-time leader of a far-right group that has since faded from view.

Former Writers for The Post Millennial Raise Concerns About the ​Right-Wing Outlet​


In the summer of 2019, Siddak Ahuja needed money to support his family, so he started writing for The Post Millennial​. Ahuja said that after​ ​the outlet reduced his base pay from $20 ​Canadian dollars per article to just ​CA$​5 ​per article, he left the outlet; the meager wage and lack of opportunity just “didn’t make sense,”  he told Right Wing Watch.