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Why is being called 'racist' more offensive than racism itself? White fragility silences voices, says advocate

The worst thing you can call a white person is "racist."

This past week, I've opened up Instagram to see white people excited to embark on their new-found quest of becoming actively anti-racist; working it into their Instagram bio, encouraging other white people to openly embrace criticisms from people of colour, to listen, to do better.  

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Facebook takes down Proud Boys, American Guard accounts connected to protests

The Proud Boys and American Guard are identified as hate groups by the SPLC

Facebook executed a takedown Tuesday of social media accounts connected to two organizations the company considers to be hate groups and had banned across their platforms: Proud Boys and American Guard.

Facebook removes Trump ads for violating 'organized hate' policy

The identical ads featured an upside-down red triangle, a symbol used by the Nazi party in World War II to identify political dissidents in concentration camps.

Facebook removed 88 ads Thursday posted by the accounts of President Donald Trump, the Trump campaign and Vice President Mike Pence that the social media giant said were “violating our policy against organized hate.”

How anti-Black racism protests are popping up in small towns across Ontario

How anti-Black racism protests are popping up in small towns across Ontario

'We live in a town where there is still a lot of racism,' Collingwood, Ont. organizer says

Rallies and solidarity marches sparked by the killing of George Floyd are happening in some of Ontario's smaller communities, including Cobourg, Ont. This group marched the streets of the small town east of Toronto and made a stop in front of the police station. (Submitted by Mallory Ford)

Confederate flags still flying in Ontario, prompting call for change

Petitions to ban racist symbol gather signatures as U.S. Marine Corps, NASCAR take a stand

Kyra Nankivell remembers the first time she saw a Confederate flag. It was around Grade 9, and she was at a party at a friend's house. The flag was draped over a basement couch.

"I felt super uncomfortable," said Nankivell, now 19. She was one of only a few Black students at her high school in Wellington County, Ont. 

It wouldn't be her last encounter with the symbol many now associate with slavery and anti-Black racism.

2 fatal shootings of Indigenous people this month in N.B.

Rodney Levi identified as man shot by Sunny Corner RCMP

2 fatal shootings of Indigenous people this month in N.B. are concerning, says First Nations advisor

Rodney Levi, a member of the Metepenagiag First Nation, was shot by a member of the Sunny Corner RCMP during an incident in Boom Road, N.B., on Friday evening. He later died in hospital. (Facebook )

The man fatally shot by New Brunswick RCMP Friday night has been identified by social media posts as Rodney Levi, 48, of the Metepenagiag First Nation. 

Vancouver police discriminated against Indigenous mother, B.C. rights tribunal rules

Police board ordered to pay $20,000 in damages, improve training for officers

Chantelle Bellrichard · CBC News · Posted: Dec 13, 2019 8:00 AM ET | Last Updated: December 13, 2019

The Vancouver Police Board has been ordered to improve training for police who engage with Indigenous Peoples in a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruling. (Christer Waara/CBC)

Indigenous woman killed by Edmundston, N.B., police during wellness check

A 26-year-old Indigenous woman from British Columbia was fatally shot by a police officer she allegedly threatened during a wellness check in a northwestern New Brunswick city early Thursday. 

Family of Chantel Moore say she had recently moved east from British Columbia to live near her mother and daughter.

Her death came at a time of heightened attention on police actions and practices in the United States and Canada following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Activists Create Public Online Spreadsheet of Police Violence Videos

Police officers around the country have been responding with violence as demonstrators gather to protest the killing of George Floyd. Much of this violence has been caught on video and has been instrumental in pushing authorities to hold officers accountable. In Buffalo, for example, two police officers were charged after video went viral of officers shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground.