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Anti-immigration 'yellow vests' staging Burnaby rally, candidate running in byelection

It is with great sadness that I report the yellow vests are not only coming to Burnaby on Saturday, but they are running a candidate in Burnaby South.

The National Citizens Alliance sent out a news release this morning that said a rally will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Burnaby City Hall. I reached out to the city to see if this group is actually allowed on city hall grounds for a political rally and they are. The city actually has a policy on this and have reminded the group to follow the guidelines, in case anyone was wondering.

Far-right Paul Fromm and Monika Schaefer in Sidney, Vancouver Island

Far-right in Sidney  Jan. 28, 2019 for a fundraising and speaking engagement, as part of a discrete 11-stop, cross country tour.

Schaefer is a former Green Party candidate from Alberta, who recently served a 10-month sentence in Germany for Holocaust denial, which is classed as a hate crime there.

Hate crime unit monitoring anti-Islamic group after confrontation at Al Rashid Mosque

Police are investigating after members of an anti-Islamic group showed up at Al Rashid Mosque and confronted people arriving for Friday prayers.

According to Al Rashid spokeswoman Noor Al-Henedy, two men entered the mosque and appeared to be scouting the building.

One of the men was wearing a toque printed with the Arabic word for ‘infidel.’

She said Al Rashid’s executive director tried to speak to the men, but they walked outside, met up with at least two other men, and then got into a confrontation with community members in the mosque’s parking lot.

Hate crimes unit consulted for investigation after Edmonton mosque visited by men known to police

Edmonton police said their hate crimes unit was called in to help investigate after a prominent and well-attended mosque in the northwest part of the city was visited by a group whose activities are known to police.

A police spokesperson told Global News they could not identify the group being monitored because “groups change names and alliances frequently, so there’s no consistent name they go by.”

The communications director of Al Rashid Mosque said people she works with were very concerned when the men visited.

What’s in a name? Alberta’s extremist groups splinter over how they should spread their message

EDMONTON—Even the Wolves of Odin’s sergeant-at-arms admits he has trouble keeping track of all the group’s offshoots.

Whether it’s Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Canadian Infidels, or The Clann, there’s a rift occurring among extremist groups in Edmonton.

“I don’t really know what’s going on with all these different clubs, either, especially these last three weeks,” said Lloyd Thomas, a former member of Edmonton’s Soldiers of Odin who is now sergeant-at-arms of Wolves of Odin.

Here’s what to know about ‘yellow vest’ protests happening across Canada

“Yellow vest” protests, which began in France weeks ago, are now being spotted in cities across Canada.

The Canadian protests are much smaller in size compared to France, where thousands have marched in recent weeks. The French protests have routinely turned violent, injuring several and leading to eight deaths.

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Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family

Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family.

After tweeting about the Yellow Vests, Mineer received over 800 messages, overwhelmingly from Alberta and Ontario, which threatened his family and detailing how he should be murdered. In this interview (9:45), he discusses the threats and shows, for example, how much of the Yellow Vests Canada rhetoric aligns with Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer's criticisms of the UN Migration Pact. Mineer notes that Scheer is playing with fire. Indeed!