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Military conducted secret investigation of reservist Patrik Mathews as a possible terrorist threat

Classified documents warned military personnel could be targeted

The military's counter-intelligence unit secretly investigated Patrik Mathews — a former Manitoba army reservist and alleged recruiter for a neo-Nazi group — as a possible terrorist threat and produced classified reports months before he fled the country, triggering a cross-border manhunt, according to newly released classified documents.

After the rally: Kelowna BLM organizers working to launch diversity curriculum

Paige Harrison and Kermisha Pereira said the work around diversity continues


The work from last summer’s wave of Black Lives Matter (BLM) rallies continues and two Kelowna students want residents to keep it going.

Paige Harrison and Kermisha Pereira co-organized the BLM rally in downtown Kelowna last summer, but the duo say there is more work to be done.

Not just in America: hate and white supremacy has always been just as prevalent in Canada as in the “land of the free”

QAnon, Soldiers of Odin, and the KKK are just a few of the conspiracy and supremacy groups operating in Canada, while the infamous Proud Boys call this country home

On Jan. 6, rioters stormed the United States Capitol building and five people died in the process. Then-president Donald Trump and multiple American politicians have been credited with inciting the riot. The rioters consisted of   an amalgamation of different far-right, white supremacist, and conspiracy theorist groups.

Right-wing extremist groups ‘coalescing’ in Pa., nationwide, but are harder to track

Far right-wing extremist groups are “coalescing into a broad-based, loosely affiliated movement,” but hate groups are becoming ever harder to track, presenting an “imperfect” barometer of hate activity in the United States, a new report concludes.

Canada labels the Proud Boys, other neo-Nazi groups as terrorists

Move comes after media reports linked Proud Boys members to those who stormed U.S. Capitol last month

Canada's Public Safety Minister Bill Blair designates 13 new groups as terrorist entities. 1:08

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced today that the federal government will designate 13 groups as terrorist entities, adding some white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups to a list already populated with militant Islamist organizations.

How Trump’s Focus on Antifa Distracted Attention From the Far-Right Threat

Federal law enforcement shifted resources last year in response to Donald Trump’s insistence that the radical left endangered the country. Meanwhile, right-wing extremism was building ominously.

WASHINGTON — As racial justice protests erupted nationwide last year, President Donald J. Trump, struggling to find a winning campaign theme, hit on a message that he stressed over and over: The real domestic threat to the United States emanated from the radical left, even though law enforcement authorities had long since concluded it came from the far right.

Commander of reserve unit being probed for far-right activity is being replaced

Ranger unit came under scrutiny after armed reservist was arrested near PM's residence

Murray BrewsterElizabeth Thompson · CBC News ·

The commander of a troubled military reserve unit at the centre of an army investigation into far-right extremist activity is being replaced, CBC News has learned.