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How right-wing extremists, libertarians and evangelicals built Quebec's movement against COVID-19 restrictions

They may appear to make strange bedfellows, but experts say they share some fundamental values

Jonathan Montpetit · CBC News

The main event at a demonstration protesting COVID-19 restrictions last weekend north of Montreal was a speech by Steeve L'Artiss Charland, one-time leader of a far-right group that has since faded from view.

Former Writers for The Post Millennial Raise Concerns About the ​Right-Wing Outlet​


In the summer of 2019, Siddak Ahuja needed money to support his family, so he started writing for The Post Millennial​. Ahuja said that after​ ​the outlet reduced his base pay from $20 ​Canadian dollars per article to just ​CA$​5 ​per article, he left the outlet; the meager wage and lack of opportunity just “didn’t make sense,”  he told Right Wing Watch.

Rangers group facing probe over reservist's far-right ties touted role in watching for 'illegal immigrants'

Expert says reference to 'illegal immigrants' could attract far-right supporters to Rangers

A Canadian Ranger group under investigation over ties between one of its members and two far-right militia groups has advertised on its website for years that part of its mission is to guard Canada against illegal immigration.

One expert says that language on immigration mirrors the messaging of far-right organizations and could reinforce interest in the Canadian Rangers by members of extremist groups.

Majority Of Republicans Believe The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Partly Or Mostly True, Survey Finds

Some 56% of Republicans believe that QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory, is mostly or partly true, according to a new Daily Kos/Civiqs pollreleased Wednesday, a remarkably high number considering many of the outlandish assertions espoused by QAnon supporters.

Military intelligence probes far-right activity in Canadian Ranger unit

Serving Canadian Ranger described prime minister as a 'treasonous bastard' in Twitter post

Murray BrewsterElizabeth Thompson · CBC News · Posted: Aug 25, 2020 5:00 PM ET | Last Updated: August 25

A Facebook photo of Erik Myggland from Aug. 24, 2019, showing him wearing a Three Percenter patch.(Facebook/CBC News)

Winning the Right to Teach in BC Meant Battling Racism, Say Two Candidates

They arrived in Canada with years of experience. But race-based criticism in a UBC program almost sabotaged their efforts, teachers say.

By Katie Hyslop 

Bereniece was excited about restarting her teaching career in British Columbia. But the persistent, systemic racism she experienced as a student teacher at a Lower Mainland high school almost derailed her plans, she says.

Alleged neo-Nazi responds to long-standing arrest warrant

Via Montréal Antifasciste: Two quick notes about this article: 1) Sohier-Chaput is not an "alleged" neo-Nazi, he is very much "proven to be" a neo-Nazi; 2) the fact that anti-fascists ran this investigation, a fact that is made very clear in the original Gazette series, is now somehow erased from the narrative.

Visit for more on the Montreal Storm "Book Club".

Gabriel Sohier Chaput was the focus of a series of articles published by the Montreal Gazette in 2018 alleging he was a recruiter for a white supremacist group.