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‘Footsy with Freaks’: How Kenney Makes Room for Bigots in His Party

In Alberta, many fear a UCP win on April 16 will threaten their rights and safety.

UCP leader Jason Kenney: In his 2016 drive to unite Alberta’s right, he bussed hundreds of Christian college students into a Progressive Conservative policy convention. The only two women candidates, saying they’d been abused for their pro-choice views, quit the party afterwards.

Sarah Elder-Chamanara just can’t bring herself to vote for a party whose candidates make homophobic remarks and want to restrict abortions — no matter how much she agrees with its other positions.

White NationalistsFrom Around The World Are Meeting In Finland. Here’s What You Need To Know

Far-right extremist groups from around the world have, for years, been quietly working behind the scenes to amplify their messaging through forging international alliances. And they’ll be building those bonds in person this weekend in Finland, at an event that underscores the growing internationalization of the white nationalist movement.

Andrew Scheer can’t be tough on crime if he is soft on hate

The Conservative Party of Canada is “tough on crime.” Its website even has a section dedicated to this stance. 

Log on and behold the enormous black gavel pounding the bottom of the webpage, and right beside it, behold the capitalized phrase itself: “TOUGH ON CRIME” (in case you aren’t already convinced these guys mean business).

The strange thing is that for a party so tough on crime that it states its position in capital letters, its leader is arguably less than tough when it comes to a force that drives crime: hate.

People's Party of Canada president withdraws

Accusations of racism and homophobia within the top local ranks of a new federal political organization are being strongly denied by party leaders.

Daniel Joseph, who is black, says he has quit the People's Party of Canada after encountering "utterly hateful views".

He had been elected president of the party's Kelowna-Lake Country riding association last November.

"Unfortunately, with newly-appointed executives in charge - very vocal officials with utterly hateful views and policy positions - I no longer feel like there is a place for me in this party," Joseph says.

The impact of the Oger v Whatcott BC Human Rights Tribunal ruling

Re: Morgane Oger decision bchrt total victory over Whatcott

"1) In 2017, Morgane Oger ran as the NDP candidate for the False Creek riding in Vancouver. She ran on a platform that focused on corruption, funding for education, the housing crisis, and $10 per day daycare. If elected, she would have been the first transgender MLA in Canada.

Vancouver talk derailed as free speech versus hate speech conflict escalates

VANCOUVER—An event featuring controversial far-right speakers is now in limbo as a conflict between two UBC student groups this week continues to escalate, prompting the planned venue to pull out Wednesday morning.

The event was planned by the UBC Free Speech Club, which has gained attention since its inception in 2016 for bringing in far-right speakers. Friday’s headliners were to be Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who have been widely condemned as racists, fascists and white nationalists.