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Activists: Hate Crimes Law Underused

That law, approved in 2000, allows harsher punishment for anyone who commits a crime out of hostility toward a particular race, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability. The law required an annual survey, the first of which covers 2001 but was only completed by Gov. George Pataki's administration last month. Out of 975 hate crimes complaints police received, 262 alleged anti-Semitism, the report said. Another 355 charged racial bias, including 155 against blacks, 48 against Hispanics and 39 against whites.

Concern over racism

The Federal Anti-Racism Commission said enshrining different rights for foreigners in an amended law could spark prejudice and racism as well as jeopardise integration. The commission said proposals to be discussed by parliament went against international principles of equality. Under the proposals the legal status of foreigners would depend on certain criteria, including professional and language skills, as well as their ability to integrate.

Tough challenges await freed Arafat Palestinian leader must have two goals: peace and good government

Despite visible signs of ill health -- skin as pale as parchment and a wildly wobbling mouth -- Mr. Arafat struck a Churchillian pose as he visited a Ramallah hospital, flashing victory signs at the hundreds of chanting and cheering Palestinians who showed up to see him. It was a sweet return for the 73-year-old Palestinian leader, who had been isolated by Israeli armour for nearly five months and declared

Prominent B.C. Muslim shot dead

Riasat Ali Khan, 69, was shot Sunday evening as he got out of his car and walked toward his home, RCMP said. He staggered to the door of his house in Surrey, B.C., where he was found by his son. Someone called his name before they shot him, Salim Karim, a family friend and president of the Vancouver-based Pakistan-Canada Association, told Mr. Khan, a businessman who worked in insurance and real estate, was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery. He died early this morning in the operating room, Mr. Karim said.