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RUSSIAN ULTRA-NATIONALIST TARGET JEWISH, HUMAN RIGHTS SITES Hackers reportedly acting on behalf of radical nationalists have targeted the Russian Web sites of Jewish, communist and human rights organizations, local media reported. The attacks prompted a counterattack on a nationalist site. Slavic Union, a radical nationalist movement, said on its Web site that hackers had closed the anti-fascist site on Sunday. The site remained partially disabled Tuesday.

Killen Convicted of Manslaughter in 1964 Slayings

Killen Convicted of Manslaughter in 1964 Slayings (Update4) June 21 (Bloomberg) -- Edgar Ray Killen, an 80-year-old former preacher, was convicted of manslaughter in the 1964 deaths of three civil-rights workers in Mississippi after jurors rejected murder charges pressed by prosecutors. Killen was accused of organizing Ku Klux Klan members who ambushed and killed James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner outside Philadelphia, Mississippi. State Attorney General Jim Hood won Killen's indictment in January, reviving the case after pleas from the victims' relatives.


UNITED Media Release *** 20 JUNE INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE DAY *** More than 6300 deaths have been already documented by UNITED: NO MORE DEATHS ON 'FORTRESS EUROPE'S' BORDERS ! There is a tragedy going at the Walls of 'Fortress Europe'. While European capitals struggle for the European Constitution and the inner consolidation of the Union, at the same time migrants and refugees keep on dying at its borders. More than 6.300 deaths have been documented by UNITED for Intercultural Action. Meanwhile, official Europe keeps its eyes wide shut.

Racist e-mail rocks Edmonton police

Racist e-mail rocks Edmonton police June 14, 2005 (CP) This citys embattled police force faced renewed turmoil yesterday over a leaked e-mail that listed 10 demeaning ways for police to deal with aboriginals. Acting Chief Daryl da Costa described the e-mail, which was distributed among several officials in the downtown division, as “racist, discriminatory, disgusting, and offensive.” He has ordered an internal investigation, but has refused to release details of the e-mail or make it public. Mayor Stephen Mandel did not mince words for those responsible.

Aboriginal group offers police cultural training

Aboriginal group offers police cultural training EDMONTON (CBC) - One of the largest aboriginal groups in Edmonton is offering to give the police service cultural and sensitivity training, after the chief took officers to task for sending around a racist e-mail. Allan Benson, CEO of Native Counselling Services, says the majority of police officers in the city do a good job, with a small minority making everyone look bad.

No way to tackle racism for NFL

So in December, NFL team owners agreed to interview at least one black prospect each time they enter the market for a new head coach. To make sure the teams hold to their pledge, the league commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, announced in May that a violation of the interview policy would earn the guilty party up to $690,000 in fines. Last week, Mr. Tagliabue followed through on his threat. He smacked Matt Millen, president of the Detroit Lions, with a $280,000 penalty. Last February, Mr.

Crackdown on hate crimes in Stratford increases

Police have created a self-reporting form, which allows people from minority groups to remain anonymous following an attack motivated by their race, religion or sexuality. The forms will not be admissible in evidence. But police say they will help officers to target those who commit hate crimes in the future. Ash Ghani works in a small shop in Holyhead on Anglesey, and has suffered from years of racial harassment by a small minority. He said his experience has not been improved by the way the police and legal services have dealt with his complaints.

Hatch to push hate crimes bill

Currently, the hate crimes law takes into account religion, race, color and national origin. The bill to expand the status was stalled by Republicans a year ago, and Hatch said he would try to get it to the Senate floor by September. The measure would also allow the federal government to assist local law enforcement agencies in their prosecution of hate crimes, and provide grants for training. As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Hatch's support of the bill is crucial.