Selected News

Digital Terrorism and Hate 2003' CD-ROM released in Quebec

Digital Terrorism and Hate 2003 focuses on over 200 web sites which raise money for terror groups, teach bomb-building and the use of steganographic code (hidden messages within text) for terrorist activities, offer hate- related video games to children, spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and feature other examples of transnational hatred. The CD-ROM's contents are a sampling of over 4,000 problematic web sites (nearly 100 of which are Canadian) identified by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center.

European lawmakers act to fight hate crimes

Meeting in Rotterdam, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe adopted a resolution urging governments to enact laws forbidding hate crimes, educate youth against racism and anti-Semitism and train police to recognize and respond to hate crimes. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles says attacks against Jews in Europe have reached their highest level since World War II. Copyright

Racism in school alleged

Parents are accusing the school system of racial profiling, singling out visible minorities for tougher punishment under the zero tolerance policy, according to the province's human rights commissioner.Keith Norton said parents have complained that the provincial Safe Schools Act, which allows for the suspension and expulsion of children for bad behaviour, is being applied disproportionately to visible minorities. Copyright

Players Team Up to Fight Racism

The Rostelecom Cup -- Russia's first all-star match -- saw the Russian national team hammer a team of the Premier League foreign players 5-2. z It also saw Russia's first attempt to fight against racism in a charity game. The match, backed by the UEFA, the European soccer body, was part of a campaign by the organization Football Against Racism in Europe. Before Monday's game, two teenage skinheads outside the Lokomotiv Stadium did not seem to be getting into the spirit of the event.

Ad firm leads campaign to fight racism towards immigrants

The television, radio, newspaper and poster campaign will be launched at Parliament on Wednesday night. It starts in the same month that Government statisticians predicted the number of Asians living in this country will more than double in the 20 years after the 2001 census. Statistics New Zealand said there would be 604,000 Asians in the country by 2021 - 13 per cent of the population. The commission had been considering asking the Government for money to run a racial tolerance campaign, so was enthusiastic when this one was offered for free.

Lacrosse champ endured racism

Before every Brantford Warriors lacrosse game in 1971, Ross Powless, the team's former player and coach, a member of the Canadian, and later, the Ontario lacrosse halls of fame, crossed the floor to speak with coach Morley Kells. As they chatted, Mr. Powless wagged his finger at Mr. Kells, now an Ontario MPP. To the spectators above, it looked as if he were advising the coach on the upcoming game.