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Hatch to push hate crimes bill

Currently, the hate crimes law takes into account religion, race, color and national origin. The bill to expand the status was stalled by Republicans a year ago, and Hatch said he would try to get it to the Senate floor by September. The measure would also allow the federal government to assist local law enforcement agencies in their prosecution of hate crimes, and provide grants for training. As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Hatch's support of the bill is crucial.

Schoolchildren as young as five are being taught how to tackle racism

The importance of the scheme has been highlighted after police in the East Midlands said racially-motivated crime was on the increase, including attacks in small villages and towns. In one case in Lincolnshire, three youths were jailed for a racist attack on a British Asian family. Brick attack A gang of youths threw bricks and ripped down a fence in an attack that was caught on CCTV at the family's home near Lincoln. On Wednesday, 26 children from Nottingham graduated with honours from their six-week race and cultural awareness course. BATTLING RACISM

Racism charges erupt at sexuality conference

At the centre of the dispute was an exhibition of pictures taken by Danish photographer Ditte Haarlov-Johnsen, which, she said, aimed to portray the lives of young, black, gay men. But instead of finding the exhibition enlightening about homosexual lifestyles, some delegates at the Wits University conference on Sexuality, Culture and Society labelled the pictures racist and offensive. The set of photos, part of a display for the duration of the conference, resulted in a lengthy divergence about racism during one of the sessions on Wednesday.

Hamza ... site blocked Hook: Kill Allied prisoners

Hook-handed Hamza, 45, wrote on the siteWe call upon Muslims to rise up and repel this invasion. Any kafir (unbeliever) mercenary captured should either be executed for war crimes, or preferably be exchanged for the blessed Muslims being held in the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp. The site offering tapes of post-9/11 Hamza speeches for sale was blocked after complaints to the Home Office. Hamza faces extradition to the US accused of setting up a terrorist training camp in Oregon. 2003 News Group Newspapers Ltd.

Racism exists in Saskatchewan

From time to time we have picked up e-mails and voice mail messages from our sisters in Regina who are outraged with the result of the court case against two men charged with sexually assaulting an aboriginal child in Tisdale. In each community we visit, women are horrified by this child human rights violation. We applaud the people holding rallies across Saskatchewan. Despite denials we hear every day and in this latest trial, we all live in a deeply divided, racist province.

Ex-councilman cuts ties to hate group

Marc Moran, 43, said Wednesday that he would no longer be associated with the National Alliance, a West Virginia group that promotes segregationist living and Aryan values. He was appointed to fill a vacant council seat on July 3, but the lifelong Hopewell resident served for less than two weeks before resigning on Saturday. Moran, who denies being a racist or an anti-Semite, said he joined the group because he agreed with its views on illegal immigration and civil liberties.

Use your vote to keep racism out

I trust in the enlightened electors to ensure a total lack of support for mayoral candidate Donna Upson, who advocates the segregation of races despite last century's momentous accomplishments in the areas of human and civil rights. In the Citizen interview, Ms. Upson, a 25-year old woman twice convicted for assault, cited skewed results from so-called analyses of human tendencies conducted by fellow racists. It is likely these are the same

Racism in the US isn't dead yet

While the overt racist rhetoric of the past is now absent from the speech of anyone hoping to serve in public office or almost any position of importance, a new and more subtle language of racism has emerged. That racism persists in our society remains glaringly evident in the divisions and differences between the quality of the white American life versus black American life. Brookline and Roxbury are only a few miles from each other, but they are worlds apart.