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NEO-NAZIS IN BEACH RIOTS(Australia) 12/12/2005- Young neo-Nazis have infiltrated the race riots at Sydney's North Cronulla beach – and youths of Middle Eastern descent have warned of retaliation. As the battle for Cronulla beach exploded in racial violence yesterday, a woman proudly held aloft a poster reading: 'Aussies fighting back!' The poster, which bore the Eureka insignia co-opted by white nationalist groups, advertised the Patriotic Youth League, widely considered to be a neo-Nazi organisation.

Toledo Prepares For The Nazis

Toledo Prepares For The Nazis In less than two days, the Neo-Nazis will hold their second rally in Toledo, but this time officials say they're really prepared and theyre working to keep everything safe. Early Wednesday morning city officials, several law enforcement agency leaders, and ministers, held a news conference to talk about the plans for Saturday's rally. One of the things the city is doing is filing a lawsuit against the Nazi's, and any other groups of counter-demonstrators who plan on rallying.

Neo-Nazi rally quiet

Neo-Nazi rally quiet
By THOMAS J. SHEERAN Associated Press Writer

TOLEDO - A demonstration Saturday by a neo-Nazi group whose appearance in October sparked rioting passed with minor arrests and no significant violence, dispelling fears of another melee.

Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel's last attempted abuse of the Canadian legal system has failed. The Federal Court has granted a government motion to strike Zundel's buffoonish $10 million lawsuit against the federal government claiming his rights were violated during the National Security certificate proceedings under which this Holocaust-denying German citizen was detained and ultimately shipped back to Germany. The government was also awarded costs against Zundel. In his decision on 24 February 2005, Justice Blais upheld the reasonableness of the government having designated Zundel as a security threat.

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