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Fascist Nation: The “Alt-Right” Menace Persists, Despite Setbacks

The failures of far-right white nationalist rallies over the last month are significant as a barometer for telling us where we stand as a country. The reactionary “Patriot Prayer” and “Proud Boy” groups failed to galvanize a mass turnout in their “Freedom March,” in Portland in early August, with only 400 supporters attending, in comparison to more than a thousand counter-protesters.

Maxime Bernier has a base. Is it big enough to protect him?

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer hasn't said whether he'll boot Bernier from caucus. Can he afford to?

Maxime Bernier came within a few thousand votes of Andrew Scheer in the 2017 Conservative leadership race. But does he still represent a significant portion of the party? (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

Is Maxime Bernier too big to boot?

Clement says this 'isn't the Max Bernier' he supported in the leadership race

Clement compares Bernier to Kellie Leitch, Bezan says he's exercising 'poor judgment'

The Canadian Press · Posted: Aug 17, 2018 1:00 PM ET | Last Updated: August 17

Maxime Bernier's recent online comments railing against 'extreme multiculturalism' are being disavowed by his caucus colleague Tony Clement, who supported him for the party leadership in 2016.


Conservative MP Tony Clement says Maxime Bernier is "raging at the sky" and isn't the same politician he supported during last year's Conservative leadership race.

Sign vandalized after MP Maxime Bernier calls out Winnipeg park for 'extreme multiculturalism'

The Jinnah Park sign appears to have been sawed off, in the same week that Conservative MP Maxime Bernier used the naming of the community park in South Pointe as a way to criticize what he called 'extreme multiculturalism.' (Submitted)

Days after Conservative MP Maxime Bernier singled out a Winnipeg park named after a Pakistani leader in an attempt to demonstrate that multiculturalism has gone too far, the park's new sign was vandalized.

'I would kill your children': Cops look at Walmart incident as possible hate crime

A video showing a man yelling racist threats at a couple was reportedly filmed outside a Walmart in Stoney Creek Friday afternoon. (Patryk Laszczuk/YouTube)

A man from Stoney Creek, Ont., has been charged with threatening death after a heated confrontation in a Walmart parking lot that police are investigating as a possible hate crime.

Dale Robertson, 47, has also been charged with dangerous driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident in connection with the Friday afternoon incident.

Canadian anti-immigrant group exploits local divisions to gain legitimacy, says expert

By PERRIN GRAUERStarMetro Vancouver

VANCOUVER—The anti-immigrant Soldiers of Odin was used as “security” by a group opposing a homeless camp in Nanaimo on Sunday, drawing words of warning from an anti-racism educator who says the far-right organization is trying to legitimize itself in the mainstream.