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THE RISE OF THE FAR RIGHT Why Canada’s white supremacists want Doug Ford to win

“Hey, I hope you guys are ready for Ford Nation!” That’s the co-host of the most popular white supremacist podcast in Canada introducing an episode recorded in early March, just days after a tightly contested convention gave Doug Ford the leadership of the Ontario PC party.

In descriptions of migrants, the Canadian media has been happy to play judge and jury

StarMetro Columnist VICKY MOCHAMA wrote in a recent report that "[i]n most cases, journalists are careful about language." However, Mochama argues that in the case of immigration and refugee policy, many are not. It is strange to say that lawyers and even former members of relevant federal government Boards, might not just lack caution, but play into the hands of racist sentiments with arguments based on what many would say is wild speculation. As evidence of the danger of wild speculation on refugee policy, a recent article from the right wing National Post is presented, followed by Mochama's caution about the danger of speculation and bias. 

In the following analysis, we will examine President Trump's immigration and refugee policy that has resulted in tearing children from their parents and the reaction in Canada, along with comparable historical policies.