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Far right groups under the banner of the so-called 'alt right' are using psychological warfare techniques learnt from leaked NATO and British intelligence documents to spread white supremacism across the world, according to a new report.

In a study by the the Institute of Strategic Dialogue—titled 'The Fringe Insurgency'—Julia Ebner and Jacob Davey argue that activists are "weaponising internet culture" to spread their ideology online and subvert democracies.

How They Did It: Exposing Right-Wing Radicalization on YouTube

Margot* is not your average white nationalist. She’s about 50, a devout Christian from a rich part of the Netherlands, and she likes opera. Around 2015, she started commenting on YouTube videos about the refugee crisis. She was afraid of an influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants from mostly Islamic countries.

How women fall into America's white power movement

She went from a liberal non-voter to burning books with white supremacists. Here's why she finally left the movement

In May 2017, Samantha went to a book burning in upstate New York. She had entered the inner circle of the modern white power movement called the alt-right, and it was the moment its activists see in retrospect as the peak of its power.

Alberta ‘Wexit’ Group Says It Wants to Roll Back Womens’ Legal Rights and Outlaw ‘Racial 

Separatist group’s platform takes aim at racial and gender equality

The right-wing Alberta separatist group that has enjoyed extensive media coverage following last month’s federal election is also pushing a range of policies that would turn the courts against racialized groups and women.

'Wexit' isn't likely, so why is mainstream media pretending otherwise?


"Wexit" is dangerous, but not because it's ever likely to come to pass.

The economic case for Prairie separatism is so obviously lame -- because of what's happened to the world market for fossil fuels and because people who actually live where there's tidewater aren't interested and never will be -- that such nonsense will never grow legs.

Even if that weren't so, the average age of the folks who keep showing up at Wexit rallies is so ludicrously old, as photos of Edmonton's Saturday night barroom crowd illustrate, that if the idea's not dead yet, it soon will be.


Washington neo-Nazi leader banned from Canada for life, records show

Kaleb Cole was held in Canada for 42 days, before being deported and banned from the country for life, according to newly released court records.

“They considered him such a threat to Canadian citizens that they did not release him (pending his deportation hearing),” said Seattle Police Department Sgt. Dorothy Kim in an audio recording of a court proceeding provided by the King County Superior Court.

Leak of thousands of posts from defunct neo-Nazi forum offers clues to identify Canadian members Social Sharing

A massive leak of posts and private messages from a neo-Nazi message board that went offline two years ago offers clues to identify its Canadian members, including some who claimed to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.