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Pro-Trump protests turn violent on West Coast after riots lock down U.S. Capitol Social Sharing

CBC News photojournalist Ben Nelms assaulted at pro-Trump protest in Vancouver

Thousands of kilometres away from Washington D.C., where rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, smaller-scale protests materialized on the West Coast, both in Washington state and in Vancouver, B.C.

They came shortly after supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump forced themselves past barricades and into the Capitol building, where lawmakers were set to formally approve president-elect Joe Biden's win in the general election.

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Between violence and vandalism, the parties are experiencing a very ugly campaign

fter a campaign sign was vandalized, Liberal candidate Dominic LeBlanc posted on Instagram that it is "deeply hurtful to the Canadian Jewish community to see vandals use a candidate's campaign signs to propagate hate." (Instagram/Dominic LeBlanc)

The three main parties say they've experienced ugly incidents on the campaign trail, ranging from vandalism to assault. Some party operatives say it's the nastiest campaign they've ever experienced.

The New McCarthyites: The Right-wing Islamophobia Network and Their Liberal Enablers

While the new McCarthyites like Michael Pompeo, John Bolton, and Stephen Miller were responsible for the Islamophobic hysteria generated, their arguments were enabled by the liberal establishment.

Deepa Kumar 09 September 2021

An excerpt from Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire Twenty Years after 9/11 by Deepa Kumar.

QAnon cult hopes to win big in Las Vegas

Conspiracy theorists are set to converge on Sin City for a “Great Awakening” weekend facilitated by the US’s largest gaming company.

The For God and Country Patriot Double Down convention in Las Vegas is being organised by the Patriot Voice, a group whose self-described agenda of “fighting for faith, family, freedom and opportunity in America” is linked to QAnon, a conspiracy movementcategorised by the FBI as a domestic terrorism threat.

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Proud Boys stick to their formula in L.A.: Latch on to local right-wing causes, then bring violence

David Neiwert

Daily Kos Staff

Monday August 16, 2021 ·

A cluster of Proud Boys gang up on a counterprotester during Sunday's anti-masking protest in downtown Los Angeles.

Anyone hoping the Proud Boys might shrivel up and crawl away after Jan. 6—when  leading members ended up in jail for their roles in the Capitol insurrection in Washington—will be dismayed by the reality that asserted itself this weekend in Los Angeles: The far-right street-thug organization is alive and well and brutalizing people.

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Canada Is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People

Canada is developing a new image: one of burning churches, toppling statues, and mass graves. There are thousands more unmarked graves, thousands more Indigenous children killed at residential schools, remaining to be unearthed. There can be no denying that this is Canada, and it has to change. But can Canada transform itself for the better? If the revelation of the mass killing of Indigenous children is to lead to any actual soul-searching and any meaningful change, the first order of business is for Canada to stop its all-front war against First Nations.