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The climate crisis isn’t just causing extreme weather. It’s fuelling extreme politics, too

The far right is exploiting divisions created by climate breakdown. This must be challenged

In the past three weeks, we took the pulse of citizens in eight countries in the Americas and western Europe whose governments will prove critically important to global efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Why wearing blackface or brownface is considered 'reprehensible'

Justin Trudeau's admission follows revelations in Time magazine about a 2001 incident

Dressing in blackface or brownface is a hurtful, racist and offensive act that mocks, dehumanizes and belittles other cultures while feeding into some of the worst stereotypes of people of colour, community leaders and experts say, reacting to the actions of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Their comments follow revelations Trudeau wore brownface as part of a costume at an Arabian Nights-themed gala in 2001, and his admission he wore blackface makeup at an event during high school.

New Paramilitary Training Video Emerges of Neo-Nazi Terror Group

The footage comes as an alleged member of The Base was outed as a soldier in the Canadian military

Disturbing images showing eight masked men shooting what appears to be a combination of shotguns and assault rifles is the latest propaganda posted by neo-Nazi extremist network The Base, as the group garners the attention of law enforcement in both the US and Canada.


Russian Twitter trolls stoke anti-immigrant lies ahead of Canadian election

Research shows Russian trolls were trying to stoke divisions among Canadians by tweeting fake news stories and Islamaphobic statements after the Québec mosque shootings in 2017


Russian troll activity on Twitter aimed at influencing public opinion has attracted a lot of attention in the United States and other Western democracies. Canadians may feel it’s not an issue here. But a recent examination of Twitter data suggests there are reasons to be concerned as the country heads into a federal election.

Inside the Vancouver Sun after Anti-Immigrant Op-ed Debacle

On Monday morning, Vancouver Sun editor-in-chief Harold Munro gathered his staff to address the controversy engulfing both Postmedia newspapers in the city, and wept.

Three days before, the Sun and Province had published an opinion piece by Mark Hecht under the headline “Ethnic Diversity Harms a Country’s Social Trust, Argues Professor.” Canada, wrote the sessional instructor at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, should “say goodbye to diversity, tolerance and inclusion.”

The Christian right's efforts to transform society

"As we approach the federal election in Canada, groups associated with the Christian right are also seeking to gradually insert themselves into the various “spheres of culture” and influence the political agenda. Some Canadian evangelicals have formed coalitions aligned to Christian right ideas. One recent initiative is the West Coast Christian Accord, a group of evangelical leaders seeking to mobilize Christians across Canada to vote for candidates they believe will safeguard their religious values in the upcoming federal election.



Paul Fromm is perhaps the leading Canadian far Right leader. Fromm has decades of involvement with the Canadian organized hate movement, from the Edmund Burke Society to the Western Guard to the Heritage Front to a myriad number of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. The Southern Poverty Law Centre tells us this: