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The Christian right's efforts to transform society

"As we approach the federal election in Canada, groups associated with the Christian right are also seeking to gradually insert themselves into the various “spheres of culture” and influence the political agenda. Some Canadian evangelicals have formed coalitions aligned to Christian right ideas. One recent initiative is the West Coast Christian Accord, a group of evangelical leaders seeking to mobilize Christians across Canada to vote for candidates they believe will safeguard their religious values in the upcoming federal election.



Paul Fromm is perhaps the leading Canadian far Right leader. Fromm has decades of involvement with the Canadian organized hate movement, from the Edmund Burke Society to the Western Guard to the Heritage Front to a myriad number of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. The Southern Poverty Law Centre tells us this:

El Paso massacre suspect wrote an anti-immigrant 'manifesto' before the attack

El Paso massacre suspect wrote an anti-immigrant 'manifesto' before the attack, authorities say

Within hours of the massacre Saturday at an El Paso Walmart, law enforcement officials confirmed they were investigating an anti-immigrant screed that the suspect, a 21-year-old with North Texas ties, appeared to post online before the shooting.

The "manifesto," which is heavy on racist tropes, states "political" and "economic" reasons, among others, for an unspecified planned attack.

The Christian right’s efforts to transform society

The battle now raging in several American states over women’s reproductive rights is a direct result of the Christian right’s efforts to impose its religious values on the family and in politics.

The polarization around abortion in the United States is at such a level that some of the leaders of these conservative religious groups are promoting the idea of an impending second American Civil War.


PPC defined by anti-immigrant stance

For a party allegedly trying to distance itself from accusations of xenophobia, if not outright racism, the People’s Party of Canada isn’t exactly covering itself with glory.

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier and numerous candidates have made no secret they want Canada to decrease immigration. And while discussions of immigration limits and border protection are legitimate political conversations, the PPC leader has also said he is against a policy of multiculturalism — a defining element of the Canadian identity.

Conservative Senator Is an Active Member of a Far-Right Facebook Group

Conservative Senator Is an Active Member of a Far-Right Facebook Group

Three Conservative MPs were also part of the group, but said they were added without their knowledge.

A fringe Facebook group—run by a far-right activist whose protests have attracted conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis—featured three current Conservative MPs and a sitting Tory senator among it members.

While the three MPs appear to be unwitting members of the group, Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu was happy to join the conversation.

Border Patrol Agent Calls Migrant Prison Camp a “Scene From a Zombie Apocalypse”


Referring to the grim conditions inside the migrant prison camps, one Border Patrol agent said, “Somewhere down the line people just accepted what’s going on as normal. That includes the people responsible for fixing the problems.”


The Border Patrol agent, a veteran with 13 years on the job, had been assigned to the agency’s detention center in McAllen, Texas, for close to a month when the team of court-appointed lawyers and doctors showed up one day at the end of June.