The kinds of people the PPC keeps attracting


While few who support the party likely consider themselves racist, "they provide cover for those who are overtly racist and seek to use the party to infiltrate Canadian politics"

This week’s CANADALAND sets out to answer the question “Is the People’s Party of Canada racist?”

International Day Against Racism

The annual International Day Against Racism, marking the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa, will be held in Vancouver starting at Thornton Park (Main Street Skytrain Station) and passing through Chinatown to a teach-in at a location to be finalized soon. 

There will be further details as planning advances. Information can be found on Facebook at:

Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben facing deportation

THE dramatic arrest of Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben on board a plane at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday night could result in his extradition to Germany on charges of Holocaust denial.Toben, 64, of Adelaide, had been in transit at Heathrow after arriving from the United States and was arrested just after boarding a flight to Dubai.Appearing before a City of Westminster magistrate in London hours after his arrest, Toben said he did not consent to being extradited to Germany, where he believes he would not receive a fair trial.Toben, who spent seven months in a German pr

Lululemon founder gives $380,000 to boost B.C.'s right

Lululemon founder gives $380,000 to boost B.C.'s right-leaning candidates, asks others to donate

Exclusive: Vancouver entrepreneur Chip Wilson has been urging other wealthy individuals to donate to new organization seeking to help B.C.'s right-leaning "pro-business" candidates defeat "socialist" opponents, starting with this October's municipal elections.

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Dan Fumano

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