Top 10 Wiki Leaks from Minister of Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan

John Duncan, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development must be embarrassed for what Wiki Leaks has revealed about his view on Canada's Aboriginal People. After all his job is supposed to be the liaison between Government and Aboriginal people and provide solutions, but it looks like his job is about to get even harder.

Recently, Investigative Reporter, Obidiah of The First Perspective dug up this shocking information from Wiki Leaks (a website owned and founded by Julian Assange revealing many other secrets from other prominent political leaders).

Apparently, Duncan keeps a diary of his travels from across Canada when he meets with Aboriginal leaders and their communities. Based on these entries, it sounds like he could use a vacation other than a First Nations reserve since he complains so much lol. What is funny is they read like facebook statuses or tweets. What is sad is this is who we have as our Minister of Indian Affairs and this is what he really thinks of us.

So enjoy or get angry.

John Duncan's Top 10 Wiki Leaked Diary Entries on Aboriginal People

10. "But I agree the strategy should be increasing avenues for municipal status through tax reforms, and funding arrangements that are geared to Departmental goals of limited "self-government" based on principles of "accountability and transparency". We can achieve all of this administratively, without the need for high profile amendments and consultations which are likely to be stir up allegations of `colonialism` etc..``- Dec. 15, 2010

9. "On the other hand, there's a lot to be said - and appreciated - in the arts and ceremonials of our First Nations people. I especially like the smoke salmon, the masks, and the moccasins." - Oct. 1, 2010

8. "La Barriere Lake. What was I to do? I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. Well, at least it's a change. There's always the option of another change in the future if these people can't work it out. That's why I'm here after all. I AM the Minister. Difficult decisions must be made. Churchill made difficult decisions. Come to think of it, Chretien was a Minister of Indians and he climbed to the top. All may not be lost yet..." - Dec. 13, 2010

7. "Chretien and Trudeau had it right in the 69 white paper. The only hope for them is assimilation into the mainstream culture. And the gradual decline of numbers residing on reserves. I mean, what hope is there for a community on the Hudson Bay? With not even a road in? And polar bears! These communities have to be encouraged to migrate to centres that are their only hope for a better future. If only the Supreme court judges could be educated on the big picture and get it right!" - Nov. 10, 2010

6. "Thirteen years in parliament and this is what I get? In charge of Indians? Jeepers Creepers! It was bad enough being secretary under Strahl, now I gotta suck up to all those chiefs...Some of whom make a hell of lot more than I'm gonna make on this job..." - Aug. 9, 2010, The day after Stephen Harper appoints him Minister of Indian Affairs.

5. "I must make sure I send a gift of tobacco to that grand chief in Manitoba before going to their assembly. He thinks volume and belligerence in diplomacy substitutes well for reason. Not that reason is all that relevant to the Department...The Department. I have my work cut out." - Oct. 18, 2010

4. "The raw clam I had on the marina at was bad enough! This week I'm invited to Chisasibi where I hear the delicacy is fish guts soup! God help me and my liver." - Oct. 15, 2010

3. "The annual pow wow at Black Sun Dog is coming up. I really don't look forward to sitting cross legged for an hour. And that passing the pipe thing, And I'm always the last to smoke it. In this day, should we be encouraging that?" - Sept. 10, 2010

2. "Sometimes I wish we could cut out the praying and just get down to business? Guys?" - Sept. 30, 2010

And the Number One Wiki Leak from John Duncan...

1. "To think that these people survived the prairie winters in Tipis. Now we have a housing crisis, lack of drinking water and no infrastructure on many reserves. And I'm supposed to have the answers." - Nov. 1, 2010

- RezXtra, (thanks to Ross Pratt for finding the link to this story and Obidiah of The First Perspective for digging up this info)