Terry Tremaine (again)

A federal human rights complaint for Internet hate (s. 13) was initiated by Richard Warman some time ago against Terry Tremaine who boasts that he is the head of the "National Socialist Party of Canada". The complaint was successful, resulting in a fine of $4,000 and a permanent order barring Tremaine from posting further hate propaganda to the Internet. Tremaine has ignored that order and is now facing a contempt of court proceeding before the Federal Court of Canada.

In addition to the human rights complaint, a criminal complaint was laid. Tremaine has been out on bail awaiting trial on that criminal charge with conditions that he not post on the Internet. The same day he went for an appearance before the Federal Court on the contempt hearing a few weeks ago, he posted his "defense" on the racist website, Stormfront. The police were not impressed and arrested him for breaching his bail conditions on the criminal charge.

There are several news articles posted on www.stopracism.ca on this matter.

We can only wonder when Noble will be arrested and charged for violating the conditions of his parole. See those news articles and press releases on this website.