Terrence Tremaine: Accused hate promoter arrested for allegedly posting to net


Mon 10 Aug. 2009
Accused hate promoter arrested for allegedly posting to net

A Regina man accused of promoting hatred in postings to the web has been arrested and is being held in custody for allegedly violating court orders to stay off the internet.

Terrence Tremaine, 61, makes his next court appearance on Aug. 17, when he may apply for bail.

Dana Brûlé the Crown prosecutor on the case, told CBC News on Monday that he is opposed to Tremaine's release.

Tremaine was arrested for allegedly posting messages on the internet on July 22, 2009.

Brule was not certain when Tremaine was picked up, but it is believed it was sometime prior to Aug. 7.

Tremaine, who lives in Regina, has been awaiting trial on allegations he promoted hatred against Jews and had been released on the condition that he stay away from the web.

Tremaine was in court Monday when his lawyer, a representative from legal aid, requested the matter be adjourned.

Trained in mathematics, Tremaine taught an extension course for the University of Saskatchewan in 2005, but no longer works for the institution.

Police allege that between Feb. 1, 2004, and Nov. 1, 2008, Tremaine promoted hatred against an identifiable group via internet postings. The Criminal Code charge was laid in January 2008.

Tremaine has said that he should be free to circulate his views without being prosecuted.

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