Terrence Tremaine accused of breaching condition of release


Terrence Cecil Tremaine accused of breaching condition of release for posting messages on the Internet

By Heather Polischuk

August 7, 2009

REGINA - Terrence Cecil Tremaine, the former University of Saskatchewan lecturer facing a charge of promoting hatred, is back in custody for allegedly breaching a condition of his release that he not post messages on the Internet.

Tremaine, 61, is accused of breaching the condition on July 22. The nature of the posting was not mentioned during his Regina Provincial Court appearance on Friday.

Crown prosecutor Michael Morris opposed Tremaine's release from custody and the matter was set over until Monday. Morris said the incident is still being investigated by police and that it's possible "more substantive charges" will be laid.

Tremaine's release included a condition that he not make postings on the Internet since that is the allegation involved in the promotion of hatred charge - in which he is accused of posting racist comments against Jews on a white supremacist website between Feb. 1, 2004, and Nov. 1, 2007. That charge is expected to be back before the court in the fall.

Tremaine has faced sanctions for racist behaviour in the past. He was fined $4,000 by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in 2007 for making racist postings, a decision that was upheld following a judicial review sought by Tremaine.

He is currently awaiting a hearing before the Federal Court on an allegation of contempt in relation to the tribunal's decision. The contempt charge sprang from allegations that Tremaine was continuing to post racist and hateful commentary.

He was dismissed from his part-time lecturer position after the U of S became aware in 2005 of the postings.

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