'Shame on Greg [Selinger],' say protesters at CMHR

'Shame on Greg [Selinger],' say protesters at CMHR opening

Protesters shouted "shame on Greg [Selinger]" at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights opening ceremony Friday


"While anti-Semitism is still very prevalent in Canada, I believe the mainstreaming of Islamophobia is much more virulent and widespread," Dutton says. "In fact, we can see anti-Islamic comments in virtually all media almost every day.

"Yet, there is very little attention or help directed at the Muslim community as a whole. However, notwithstanding anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, institutionalized hate and prejudice concerning first nations, Metis [and] Inuit is Canada's worse shame. Just ask your neighbours their opinions on first nation land title in B.C., missing women and fisheries." Dutton in the Vancouver Sun