Serial killing of migrants in Germany started in 2000

Hamburg - A series of killings of immigrant businessmen in Germany began in 2000, and police now suspect all were the work of a neo-Nazi group.

Eight of the victims - who all ran small businesses - were Turkish-born, and one was of Greek origin. All nine were shot dead at close range with the same gun, a Czech-made Ceska 7.65-millimetre pistol, police ballistics experts said.

Two victims operated doner kebab food stands, leading media to term the attacks the 'doner murders.' Others ran newspaper stands and other small businesses of the type operated by people with little capital but willing to work long hours.

The victims were shot in broad daylight by an assailant who calmly walked away afterwards and was not recognized by witnesses.

Police, who led a national inquiry, said three killings took place in Nuremberg, two in Munich and one each in the cities of Kassel, Hamburg, Rostock and Dortmund.

The series began with the killing of a florist in September 2000 and lasted until April 2006.
It was not immediately clear Friday if a similar killing last week of a 41-year-old doner kebab seller in the eastern German city of Chemnitz was also carried out by the same group.

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