Richard Warman Donation to CAERS

Press Release

8 June 2008

The Canadian Anti-racism and Education Society (CAERS) congratulates Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman on the successful mediated resolution of his federal human rights complaint over Internet hate propaganda posted by Ciaran Paul Donnelly of Coquitlam, BC. The settlement is the third mediated case for Mr. Warman involving Internet hate propaganda and he has successfully litigated 10 others in cooperation with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The complaint, brought under s. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act ( was filed in December of 2004 and dealt with hate propaganda posted by Mr. Donnelly to a US neo-Nazi website that attacked Jews, gays and lesbians, Chinese, blacks, Hispanics, Aboriginals, and the mentally disabled. A subsequent complaint that was also included in the mediated settlement addressed Mr. Donnelly’s illegal retaliation against Mr. Warman after the filing of the original human rights complaint.

The terms of the negotiated settlement are public and include the following:

i) the settlement will be registered with the Federal Court and prohibits Mr. Donnelly from posting further hate propaganda to the Internet or engaging in further retaliation against Mr. Warman

ii) Mr. Donnelly has agreed to permanently close his account on the US neo-Nazi website through which the hate propaganda was distributed and request that his postings be deleted

iii) Mr. Donnelly has paid damages in the amount of $1,000 for his illegal retaliation against Mr. Warman and at Mr. Warman’s suggestion, all of this money has been donated to charity or non-profit organizations

Richard has informed CAERS that the funds noted above will largely be donated to two charity/non-profit groups. The first is CAERS to help support our international work in fighting Internet hate propaganda through our membership in the International Network Against Cyber Hate (

Given the attacks on the Aboriginal community raised in the complaint, Richard is donating the bulk of the money to a memorial education fund for the children of Kelly Morrisseau, an Aboriginal woman whose 2006 murder in Gatineau Park, Quebec remains unsolved. Richard is already one of the backers of the reward fund established by the Assembly of First Nations in this case. For further information, see:

1) and 2)