Racist posters part of larger campaign, activist says

An anti-racist activist says a poster campaign by white supremacists in Calgary and Edmonton is part of a larger effort.

The group Blood and Honour Canada is encouraging members and sympathizers to download posters from its website with an anti-immigration message.

"If you see racist posters in your neighborhood, alert everyone you know and tear them down," said anti-racist Jason Devine.

The posters seem to be the basis for a recruiting campaign after the white supremacist movement seemed to fall off the radar a few years ago, Devine said.

The posters stated that immigration costs Canada $23 billion per year.

Posters, which appeared recently in Edmonton with the same anti-immigrant messages were also removed, Devine said.

"It was likely a coordinated campaign between the two cities," he said.

Forest Lawn resident Pat Kerr said there is no place in Canada for racism.

"Multiculture has always been there, so accept it and let it go," Kerr said.

Police said none of the statements on the posters constitute a hate crime.

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