Racism and Remembrance

Canada was one of the countries that fought in WW II to stop fascism. Of course there was much more to War II than fascism, but many went to war believing that it was a war to stop National Socialism. It was sometimes a hard sell since many of the largest corporations in the West supported Hitler and National Socialism. But nevertheless, working class and union members went to war for freedom and the end of fascism. Trade wars were not on the agenda for those courageous men and women who won the war. Remember that Churchill had turned the army on striking workers in England and he had little support.

Yet it was a surprise that the remembrance day ceremonies in Vancouver never once mentioned fascism. The speakers talked about tyranny, freedom and ending war, but no one spoke about why we went to war. Why we lost men and women in a just war against the Nazis.

Everyone spoke in too general terms. We need to educate people that their are necessary wars. Maybe never good wars. But, yes, necessary wars.

The Second World War was a necessary war against fascism world-wide. It was necessary to stop tyranny. Not general tyranny, but the global threat of fascism. And that main threat was National Socialism.

We really need to speak up about the reasons for the War. It was a war, unlike many others, to stop fascism. Now we have fascism again. Now its an internal security threat - an internal terrorist threat that we are afraid to name. It is time to speak out. Fascism is wrong and dangerous and need to be stopped again to honour our fallen comrades.

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