No way to tackle racism for NFL

So in December, NFL team owners agreed to interview at least one black prospect each time they enter the market for a new head coach. To make sure the teams hold to their pledge, the league commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, announced in May that a violation of the interview policy would earn the guilty party up to $690,000 in fines. Last week, Mr. Tagliabue followed through on his threat. He smacked Matt Millen, president of the Detroit Lions, with a $280,000 penalty. Last February, Mr. Millen hired Steve Mariucci, a white man, as the Lions' head coach -- without interviewing any black candidates. In fact, Mr. Millen had contacted no fewer than five African-Americans about the job. None of them, however, would consent to an interview. This was largely thanks to open speculation that the Lions badly wanted the highly regarded Mr. Mariucci. But Mr. Tagliabue is a real stickler. In a letter to Mr. Millen announcing the fine, the commissioner noted: