National Culturists - student's group (EDL)

Far-Right students encourage attendance at EDL rally

Here at Student Rights we have highlighted the promotion of far-right politics to students by the National Culturists, a University of Liverpool based British National Party (BNP) front group, on a number of occasions.

On Monday the group announced that they would be attending an English Defence League (EDL) rally on the 2nd March, encouraging others to join them.

A post on the groups Facebook page declared:

A number of us from the NC in the north west will be attending the EDL demo in Manchester on March 2nd. If you'd like to come along as a culturist, then let us know! We'll get you a placard and arrange to meet you before hand.

This was followed on the same day by the promotion of a BNP event in Salford on the 16th February featuring Nick Griffin, which the National Culturists allowed to remain on its Facebook page.

The advertising of events and rallies run by extremist groups to students via social media is something that Student Rights has been documenting for the past 16 months, and the increasing use of this tactic by the far-right is an unwelcome development.

The National Culturists have already caused problems at the University of Liverpool, bringing a burly minder wearing an 'infidel' badge onto campus in September 2012.

One of the groups members has also attended extremist events in the past, and was photographed in camouflage at an English Volunteer Force (EVF) demonstration in January.

The EVF is a hard-line splinter group from the EDL which describes itself as a Patriotic Counter-Jihad Street Resistance, and claims that it intend[s] on holding the ability to evolve our methods as and when needed as our resistance grows.

That a student group is both encouraging others to attend extremist marches and allowing the continued promotion of groups banned by the National Union of Students No Platform Policy is something that university authorities should be taking extremely seriously.

This week the group announced yet another student call to action, and has encouraged students across the country to form student groups on a number of occasions.

This must be opposed, and we call on universities, particularly those in the North-West, to take the problem posed by this group seriously.

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