The Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society is a registered non-profit Society and one of the leading anti-racism organizations in Canada, organizing anti-racism workshops and training seminars for a wide range of community groups, government and law enforcement agencies, schools, colleges, and universities. The Society provides the following services:

  • tracking and monitoring hate group activity and incidents of racism
  • support for victims of racism and hate crime
  • support and help for people leaving hate groups
  • anti-racism workshops and public education on cross-cultural, equity and diversity issues
  • leadership training workshops training in non-violent solutions to racism and hate group activity
  • training to law enforcement agencies and the media on hate group activity
  • consultation and strategic planning at various levels of government on the development of anti-racism, equity and victim support service
  • professional advice and support on action-based research methodology and analysis

The Society has received commendation from all sectors of society. The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Reports of the Government of Canada to the United Nations on the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, Cat. Ci96-69/200 IE) list some of the important work of the Society. The Report lists the "anti­ racism online conference ... which brought together students, teachers and other professionals to develop better understanding of information technology and how they affect human rights" the Society organized in Vancouver. The Report also lists the six regional consultations in preparation for the United Nations World Conference on Racism the Society helped organize with the province of BC. The Report states that: "These consultations informed British Columbia's contribution to the Canadian government's submission to the [UN] World Conference. The Society also helped write a comprehensive publication on the consultations. The Report lists the important forums the Society also participated in with the province of British Columbia in six Aboriginal communities.

Because of the important work of the Society, staff and Board members have been appointed to major Government of Canada and Government of British Columbia Task Forces on the prevention and elimination of racism and support of human rights. The Executive Director was chosen to represent Canada at a European regional conference on the United Nations World Conference Against Racism and the ED was sponsored to attend the World Conference in South Africa. The NGO Report of the UN World Conference lists the Society as a world resource on anti-racism.

The Society has also received anti-racism and community services awards from the Ministry of the Attorney General province of British Columbia and special commendation for anti-racism leadership from the Ministry of Multiculturalism.

The websites of the Society have also generated several nominations and awards. The websites contain a database of information on racism and human rights and have received more than 1,000,000 visits to the sites per year.

The following are a few of the testimonials about the work of the Society by leading advocates and government leaders.

      • The Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services wrote: "I am writing to thank you for participating in the Future Directions Steering Committee and for your work on the document developed by the Committee "Future Directions: Setting the Path for Anti-racism and Multicultural Programming in British Columbia." Your efforts will contribute to the development of a three-year strategic framework for action for multiculturalism and anti-racism in British Columbia. Your insight and dedication to the concepts of multiculturalism and your work in articulating a future vision, program outcomes and strategic goals for this area are very helpful to the work of the Ministry."
      • Viren Joshi, Coordinator, Program Against Racism, B.C. Teachers' Federation wrote: "This is to express our great appreciation for the excellent keynote you delivered to the Program Against Racism Training Conference... You brought home to them [PAR members] the great need for the education system to help our younger generations counter the divisive forces at work by white supremacist groups in Canada. For many teachers, your presentation was the highlight of the conference."
      • Leah Kitamura, Teacher of Diversity, Literacy and English as a Second Language, School District No. 42 wrote about a six month program conducted in her school District as follows: "I am writing to thank you very much for the work you did with us last year at Pitt Meadows Secondary School and to inform you of the impact your work has made on our school culture and climate. Having you come in and share your expertise with us, gave us insights into how to make our school safer and how to build policies that keep individuals safe at our school... PMSS is an entirely different school this year. Our school feels safer and a much more peaceful place to be. Perhaps it is partially due to the expansion of our school, the lower enrollment, and the fact that a few individuals have left. However, I feel it is mostly due to the hard work led by you and by many individuals in our school. Saying ''thank you" does not reveal the depth of my gratitude."
      • August Horning, Multicultural/Social Justice Coordinator Multicultural Heritage Society and the Inter-cultural Committee of Prince George had this to say: "On behalf of the multicultural heritage society and the intercultural committee of Prince George, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you... As you know the workshop was a success and we hope it is the first of many such opportunities for northern communities who engage in multiculturalism work... It appears from the evaluations that this workshop not only provided an excellent networking experience for participants but also provided them with substantial knowledge and skill building experience... "
      • Prince George Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and the Prince George Native Friendship Centre stated that: "Our sincere thanks for helping make this conference [northern anti-racism action conference] possible. Your time and the effort you have made to support this cause will go a long way in bringing the northern communities together and helping create racial harmony."
      • Heather Wolf, Executive Director, Holly Open Custody Center stated that: "On behalf of the residents and staff of the Holly Open Custody Center, I would like to acknowledge the valuable work and the excellent workshops that the Canadian Anti Racism Education and Research Society have provided regularly forus."
      • D.G. Parsons, Sgt. and Inspector G.L. Geddes, Royal Canadian Mounted Police had this to say: "I would like to thank you once again for the invitation to attend your symposium... It is essential that more people are informed of the existence of Hate Crimes and to what extent they are directly related to racism in society. Prior to attending this symposium, I was aware of the existence of Racism and Hate Crimes, however not to the magnitude that was presented at the symposium. It was indeed very informative and at the same time very discouraging to learn there is such malice in some areas of society."
      • Mark J. Sandler of Cooper, Sandler, West & Skurka, and Barristers & Solicitors stated that: Thank you for allowing me to participate in your Symposium. I was extremely impressed with the caliber of all of the organizers and the other participants and made some new friends. It is a real tribute to your organization that the Symposium went as smoothly and professionally as it did.