The impact of the Oger v Whatcott BC Human Rights Tribunal ruling

Re: Morgane Oger decision bchrt total victory over Whatcott

"1) In 2017, Morgane Oger ran as the NDP candidate for the False Creek riding in Vancouver. She ran on a platform that focused on corruption, funding for education, the housing crisis, and $10 per day daycare. If elected, she would have been the first transgender MLA in Canada.

2) William Whatcott identifies himself as a Christian activist. When he learned of Ms. Oger’s candidacy, he resolved to stop her being elected. He was not a member of her riding, nor did he research her platform or the policies which she sought to advance. The sole basis for his campaign against her was that she is a transgender woman and therefore, in his view, unsuitable to hold public office..."

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