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The Website theforbbidentruth net is a web site run by Scott Roberts, a well known neo-Nazi. Scott Roberts is the most suspended user on social networking sites for promotion of racist, anti semitic material and media. He created his own media site to host banned and racist users so they can host and share media, blogs and other banned material that is in violation of sites like YouTube Terms of Service including the site that is currently hosting its files. Many of the users of this website have names containing Nazi Code words 14 and 88 (meaning 14 Words and Hiel Hitler).

See Screen Shot from Scott's profile on the describing him as the new Cyber Fuhrer as well as links to banned racist materials and images. Click on image below to enlarge.

Scott Roberts (forbiddenidiots)

Scott Roberts profile (site owner (forbiddenidiots) Partial User Listing

Scott Roberts profile (site owner

✍How to Report this type of Racist Website

There are two method/contacts that you need to report abuse directly in order to shut down a racist website. There is the Domain Name provider (the company holding the website name) and the Presence/Server Provider (the company holding the site files). The forbiddenidiots website and its Domain Name and Presensce/File Providers are provided below. Please contact them by phoning, emailing them or in the case of, the forbiddenidiots file provider you can have a real time chat with them (link provided below).

☎Forbiddenidiots (Scott Roberts
SHUTDOWN Scott Roberts Neo Nazi Website by emailing/phoning a direct complaint to these companies siting racist content, their Terms of Service (TOS) and possibly violent, abusive users that have been banned on other sites including YT for racist behaviour.

➀.REPORT racist abuse about theforbiddenidiots to Hosting/Server Provider (those hosting the files)

IP Address:
Company: The Planet
☎☎Abuse Contact: ,
Phone: 866-325-0045 281-714-4000
Online Chat: Available Click on Top Right Corner of the

"acting in any manner that might subject The Planet to unfavorable regulatory action, subject us to any liability for any reason, or adversely affect The Planets public image, reputation or goodwill, as determined by us in our sole and exclusive discretion."

➁.REPORT a complaint/racist abuse about theforbiddenidiots to Domain Name Provider (holding his site name)

☎☎Abuse Contact:
TOS: Not available

List of Identified YT banned YT users inhabiting the Forbidden Idiots

WARNING: Use to mask your IP address before visiting any of the forbiddentruth links (copy and paste into because Scott Roberts WILL be attempting to track your IP address.

Scott Roberts Nazi Troll and daft Minions
✪ ✇
daft minions
➔ No Gits
✪? ✇
➔The Fu*ked Up Chick members/f-u-chick.html ✇
➔Derek Rebel Idiot (Derek capital i) (Derek) ✇
➔Stodles YT Nazi Wanker
✪ /stodles.html t p (stodles) ✇
➔Aryan Clueless
✪ aryancrusader.html

Jack Doodle and daft Minions
✪✪Jack Doodle is a partner on Scott's Nazi Website.
✪✪ s/jackdoodle.html ✇
daft minions
➔JD's Rent Boy
✪ /freedomfighter1488
(also behind all the nazis clone of this channel) wn✇
➔Ella the Aryan Crack Head
✪ /ella ✇
➔Sazzy Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
✪ /sazzylilsmartazz.html ✇
➔Protean View
✪ /ed.html ✇
Aryan Zit
✪ /wozzaskin88


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