Hate, Inc

A number of activists realized the need for a reliable and accurate source of information about hate incidents, hate activity and legal precedents built on a peer-reviewed collaborative, community model. This is our effort to build that data base. We are going to incorporate all forms of information, including text, videos, sound recordings and pictures. However, it will take some time to work out the information architecture to make the access to these data easily accessible. Your help is appreciated.

If you have information about hate groups, or hate group members, suspected or confirmed, you can submit it and help build this important information source.

We do not cover Maclean's Magazine, Ezra Levant, or Mark Steyn in the following pages. We do attempt to examine issues raised by the writings of Steyn and Levant's association with hate groups in news articles and blogs on this website and other websites.

If you have questions, please contact one of the editors. You help and involvement will make this a better world and bring hate mongers to justice.

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