Hate Crime Victoria BC: Victoria's Emanu-El Jewish Cemetery desecrated

Press Release

Its really important that the police are taking the desecration of the Jewish Cemetery in Victoria, B.C. seriously. "I think, unfortunately, that we are going to see a lot more of these kinds of acts," said Alan Dutton of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society based in Vancovuer, B.C..

The recent attacks on the Islamic Center in Gatineau, Quebec and the recent desecration of Jewish cemeteries world-wide is deeply troubling and speaks to underlying fears and resentments that are expressed as hate against religious and ethnic minorities. "We condemn these acts and plan to cooperate with police and intelligence agencies to help bring an end to the problem," said Dutton

The recent arrests in Vancouver of suspected members of a hate group for assaults over the past 4 years will no doubt slow the recruitment of people into hate groups. Dutton said that: "But we all must be much more vigilant and learn to recognize hate group symbols and the warning signs of hate group activity."

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