Harper turns ‘sociology’ into dirty word after passing anti-terrorism bill

This is a tricky question to consider: Just how soon should we jump into action ahead of a terror plot? Should we be ready to move against a suspect before we hold irrefutable proof that a plot even exists?

Or should we consider acting early enough to stop would-be suspects from considering those plans at all?
Canada’s government seems to have the answer. Yes, be ready to act the moment we have a sneaking suspicion. No, don’t bother trying to understand what would lead someone to consider an act of terror in the first place.

One day after passing a bill that will give law enforcement agencies the right to detain people suspected of terrorist connections, Prime Minister Stephen Harper again shot down idea of considering the matter on a wider scale.

Harper said the recent string of terrorist events did not make it time to “commit sociology.” That is a quote-worthy way of saying, “don’t start looking for the ‘root causes’ that lead to terrorism.”

"I think, though, this is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression," Harper said, according to CBC News. "These things are serious threats, global terrorist attacks, people who have agendas of violence that are deep and abiding threats to all the values our society stands for."

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Consider this the second round in attack against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s idea that we should look at the motivating factors behind the Boston bombing. His thinking was that if we understood what leads people to commit such acts, we could intervene early.

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Like all the radical christian fundamentalists and neo-conservatives before him, science is bad for Stephen Harper. For Prime Minister Harper, environmentalists are all radicals funded by foreign interests against Canada's interests. Lab technicians, archivists and librarians are also to be silenced if they don't agree with Harper Conservatives. Now Harper attacks sociology. For Harper we don't need to understand the causes of terrorism - we just have to punish the suspects. Politics over science reminds me of the anti-intellectualism of Reagan, Thatcher, Bush and the fascists that preceded them. When science does not agree with you, outlaw it and throw away the key.