Greece Anti-racism Movement Denounces Police Corruption

Athens, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) Over the latest months Greece has witnessed a wave of race-motivated violence with the presence in Parliament of the Neofascist Golden Down Party, denounced Petros Konstantinu, coordinator of the Movement Against Racism.

Last Summer there were numerous reports of xenophobe incidents in the streets and at their homes through out Greece, including two fatal events, the death of an Iraqi youth in Athens and another from Tunisia in Tesalonica, Konstantinu reminded in interview for Prensa Latina.

Konstantinu explained that the report of the Association of Migrant Workers numbers in more than 500 the racist attacks over the past six months but the numbers are not exact for many victims fear to report their cases.

Nonetheless, most of the aggressions were perpetrated by members of Golden Down whose MPs themselves were in command at times but the Police does not proceed to arrest claiming lack of logistics and absence of a clue on their motivation.

Like other organizations of human right and immigrants, Konstantinu denounced the Police passiveness and collusion with the Fascist organizations, adding that "their connection and cooperation with the Police are obviousâ�Ö and "when they attack a neighborhood the Law enforcement is nill, and of course, there is zero detention."

He added that businessmen and bankers pay the AD Party to threaten immigrant workers, to break strikes or clean the streets next to the flee market or at areas where drug addicts and street vendors are commonplace.

Konstantinu reminded that xenophobic violence followed openly racist official statements and large Police raids that over the past two months generated more than 20,000 detentions and 1,500 remain behind bars.

This is why he called hypocrite Justice Minister Antonis Rupakiotis for enforcing a tighter Penal Code and "authorizing at once Nazi demonstrations and the AD tugs to rally at a concentration camp for immigrants in Corinth and patrol its surroundings."

The social activist also blamed the media because "they are receptive to the AD provocations and racist mesages but hide important facts and understate the Fascist attacks and their crimes, offering slanted views."

The media neither viewed as relevant the death of a young Nazi of the wounds caused by an explosive and that the Police found later at his home another 60 bombs."

Konstantinu also called false blaming the crisis for the expansion of Fascism for, in his view, "the Federal government favors the racist, austerity, antisocial and anti-worker policies" just like the far right.

Petros Konstantinu finally highlights "the growing organization of the immigrants and their power to resist," expressed at the late August demonstration by near 30,000 immigrants at the streets of Athens denouncing Fascism and the government anti-popular policies.

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