Former lecturer faces contempt charges

A former University of Saskatchewan math lecturer, who posted racist material on the Internet under the pseudonym Mathdoktor99, was reportedly charged yesterday with contempt of court for violating a cease and desist order. In 2007, the Canadian Human Rights Commission found that Terrence Cecil "Terry" Tremaine spread hate messages against blacks, Jews and other minorities. He was fined $4,000 and ordered to stop. That decision was upheld last year at Federal Court. The case was brought by Richard Warman, pictured, a former Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator wh o s e human rights complaints about online hate messages constitute nearly all such cases at the CHRC. Faced with the complaint, Mr. Tremaine initially disavowed racism and claimed mental illness played a role in his "delusional" online behaviour, but he later recanted that claim and stood by his postings. Yesterday's contempt charge was reportedly laid based on further information from Mr. Warman about Mr. Tremaine's continued Web posting. Mr. Tremaine also faces a separate criminal charge for the wilful promotion of hatred, and is slated to represent himself next week at a preliminary hearing in Regina.

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