Europol report on terrorism

Europol's consensus is their is a greater threat of terrorist acts internally than externally.

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Check the facts:

• 160 separatist attacks occurred in 2010, mainly in
France and Spain

• A police officer was killed by ETA in France

• 349 individuals arrested for separatist terrorist
related offences

• Most of the separatist groups finance their
activities through extortion

• Increased international cooperation between separatist
terrorist groups inside and outside the EU

• Ethno-nationalist and separatist terrorist groups, such as ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna)8 and the PKK/KONGRA-GEL, continue to seek international recognition and political self-determination. They are motivated by nationalism, ethnicity and/or religion"


A total of 40 attacks were carried out by Northern Irish and Republican terrorist groups. As a result, 57 individuals were arrested in the Republic of Ireland, some for offences
directly connected to attacks in Northern Ireland.

The majority were members of the Real IRA (RIRA).