Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel's last attempted abuse of the Canadian legal system has failed. The Federal Court has granted a government motion to strike Zundel's buffoonish $10 million lawsuit against the federal government claiming his rights were violated during the National Security certificate proceedings under which this Holocaust-denying German citizen was detained and ultimately shipped back to Germany. The government was also awarded costs against Zundel. In his decision on 24 February 2005, Justice Blais upheld the reasonableness of the government having designated Zundel as a security threat. Having reviewed all of the evidence, Blais concluded: “Mr. Zundel has associated, supported, and directed members of the Movement who in one fashion or another have sought to propagate violent messages of hate and have advocated the destruction of governments and multicultural societies.' Blais also found that through his actions, Zundel had intended, “to destabilize the legal and legitimate democratic government of Germany…” and of “…using Canadian soil to advance his goal of undermining the German government.” Based on this, Blais stated: “Mr. Zundels activities are not only a threat to Canadas national security but also a threat to the international community of nations.” Given the fanfare with which the lawsuit was issued, a press release is expected imminently from Zundel announcing his latest legal failure...

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