PUSH FOR GOOGLE TO DEVELOP RACISM POLICY (Australia) 18/1/2010- The lawyer for an Aboriginal Alice Springs man says his client wants internet giant Google to attend mediation with him and produce a racism policy. Aboriginal broadcaster Steve Hodder-Watt complained to the Human Rights Commission about Google's listing of a racist website in its search results. The website, Encyclopedia Dramatica, used racist descriptions of Aboriginal people and Google has since taken down its listing. But Mr Hodder-Watt's lawyer George Newhouse says the search engine needs to come back with a more comprehensive response. "Google needs to respond to Steve," Mr Newhouse said. "They need to set up a proper system of dealing with these complaints and taking down racism. "And I also think the Government needs to address this issue. "It shouldn't take Steve Hodder-Watt to chase every rat down every drain to remove racist material from the internet." Google says it has a policy of removing sites when it receives a legal request. "We respond to complaints and review them by reference to applicable law and in this case, we removed the URLs identified to us from the search results on," a Google spokeswoman said. "In the interest of transparency, the search results now provide notice that pages have been removed in response to a legal request and in their place is a link to, which catalogues these removals as well as the legal ground for the removal." ABC News
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Good luck! Groups have been pressing Google for years to take down blatantly racist and/or homophobic sites with little success. Youtube is the home of these racists now because Google will not take a responsible position on removing racist and/or homophobic sites. Google might take down one Youtube video but leave others. Google might also take down an account or two but will let users continue to spread hate, despite Google's own policy.

Governments have likewise been very slow or reluctant to block sites. On the other hand, the Canadian government recently took down 4,500 websites in Germany when ONE site was critical of the Canadian government position on the environment.

Nevertheless, community groups and individuals must continue to demand Google take a responsible position on hate and extremist content. See this website for information on community initiatives and programs. Perhaps the most effective way of creating positive change is to target the advertisers, when that is possible.

In addition, the public must lobby governments to take racism and homophobia seriously; that is, racism and homophobia are forms of terrorism that we ignore at our combined peril. While our attention is directed at Islamic extremism, Christian extremism and fundamentalism (Christina Identity, etc) pass as legitimate.