There is a convergence of the far right and the mainstream. Convergence refers to a process where two things become more and more like each other as their interactions increase. The convergence between the far right and the mainstream is an extremely dangerous process if we aim to build and support democratic institutions. When mainstream institutions become infiltrated by the far right and adopt racist ideology then we loose democracy and end with fascism. 

Despite extensive media exposure of growing far right influence and message, there has been very little academic or anti-racist analysis of convergence. Most academic research has been driven by a focus on violent extremists and not fascist political social movements. This ignores the New Right intellectuals in both Europe and North America who are intent on creating a reactionary cultural revolution to take power.

Government funding, where it exists, has been directed at the study of extremism in the context of jihadist, left wing radicalism and the environmental movement. There have been few attempts to understand and explain the new right wing populism that is driving anti-immigration policy, fear of loss of jobs, and white supremacy and white nationalism.

This website is devoted to a critical analysis of the far right and the convergence with mainstream institutions. The intent is to document, educate and build a movement to disrupt the convergence between far right ideology and practise and the mainstream.

Much of this day-to-day work is available on the <a href= "">Canadian Anti-racism Facebook page</a> where we reach an average of 10 k viewers per week.

The present website, however, is the key to hosting a database of research and analysis regarding the convergences between Canadian and international far right groups themselves.

We need your help for research, analysis and data collection. This website will be a permanent resource with your help.