Both racism and politics at root of Mideast conflict

What Spector also leaves out is that in almost all Arab countries Jews have absolutely no property rights. Israel is made up of individual Jews who have been persecuted, or kicked out of these totalitarian, oligarchic and theocratic societies. Many of their relatives were killed or imprisoned in these Arab countries. Hamas and other terrorist organizations which are supported by many Arab countries and many individual Arabs represent the spearhead of an officially sanctioned racism prevalent in Arab countries. Hamas is dedicated, according to their constitution, to wiping out all Jews, worldwide. Racist attitudes toward Jews is officially sanctioned and taught in many Arab countries, especially in the Palestinian territories (in spite of the Oslo accords). The gentrification of this conflict by suggesting it is solely a political one, or one based on a loss of land, diminishes the racist ideology which motivates both Arab governments and terrorist organizations in promoting the killing and celebration of killing of children and innocent individuals in Israel. Harold Bothrops Bowen Island