Paul Fromm is perhaps the leading Canadian far Right leader. Fromm has decades of involvement with the Canadian organized hate movement, from the Edmund Burke Society to the Western Guard to the Heritage Front to a myriad number of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. The Southern Poverty Law Centre tells us this:

From 1974 until 1997, Fromm served as a public school teacher with the Peel Region Board of Education. He was fired from his position after speaking at several Heritage Front events, one of which fell on Hitler’s birthday. A video of the December 9, 1990, event captured Fromm, in front of a Nazi flag, speaking to a crowd shouting “Sieg Heil!,” “white power,” “Hail The Order!,” and “nigger, nigger, nigger, out out out,” while performing the Nazi salute. He also hailed John Ross Taylor, a Canadian fascist, as a “hero.” [Alan Dutton provided expert testimony based on research generated by CAERS at the hearing which resulted in Fromm's firing as a teacher.]

I wrote extensively about Fromm in my book Web of Hate, too. In one chapter, I detailed how Fromm participated in an extraordinary 1990 rally to memorialize neo-Nazi terrorist and murderer Bob Matthews, the founder of The Order. As Fromm paid tribute to Matthews, dozens of neo-Nazi skinheads applauded and gave fascist salutes. Fromm’s support for white supremacy and neo-Naziism has increased in the intervening years.

And now, Fromm has a new friend.Below he is seen with Maxime Bernier, the leader of the alt-Right White People’s Party.

Bernier has now been photographed with the bigoted Proud Boys, with the far-right Northern Guard flashing the white power symbol, his candidates with the neo-Nazi Soldiers of Odin. And now he has fully crossed the Rubicon, and he is consorting with the undisputed leader of Canada’s white supremacist movement.

In his words, and his deeds, Maxime Bernier has shown us who he is. We need to start believing him.

Warren Kinsella (author of Web of Hate)