The Attack on Human Rights Commissions

“I have felt deeply disturbed by the way in which certain claims made on rightwing blogs like [Ezra] Levant’s have seeped into mainstream discourse, many of which are grotesque exaggerations — or, in some cases, outright fabrications of the circumstances,” Moon says. (National Post)

See Levant v. Moon: What are the facts? and More on the "Maclean's controversy," Ezra Levant, and Marc Steyn.

We will be adding links to important reports and articles about Canadian Human Rights Commissions and process, particularly ones that examine flaws in legislation and process as well as articles that expose unfair attacks on Human Rights Commissions and, in particular, section 13 of the CHR Code.

We will be adding information about the people Ezra Levant champions, and the claims Levant makes, in his personal quest. I will also have to examine Ezra Levant's postings on the subject. It is hardly worth the time, but his false claims and ad hominem attacks concerning the recent presentation by Richard Moon warrants a response. See below for the link to Moon's presentation.

See The Attack on Human Rights Commissions by Richard Moon - a Saskatchewan Law Review Annual Lecture.

See: Levant v. Moon: What are the facts?

See: More on the "Maclean's controversy," Ezra Levant, and Marc Steyn

See: National Post

Check out Levant's "heroes" and "sources" in the "persons of interest category in the left menu of this page. Individuals cited or referenced by Levant (e.g., Lemire, Fromm, etc) will be highlighted shortly.

We should note that the BC Liberal Party (in essence elements of the old Social Credit Party and members of the federal Conservative Party), without hearings or public consultation disbanded the BC Human Rights Commission as one of its first tasks, replacing it with a non-profit organization it could more easily control.

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