Protesters are getting ready for Geert Wilders’ first Canadian visit as the controversial anti-Islamic Dutch politician rolls into town for a private speech to local Christian groups Monday night. The Freedom Party leader maintains that because Canada helped out Holland during the Second World War, it is only fitting to repay them by raising awareness the country is in danger of a hostile takeover and being “Islamicized.” “Freedom is the most precious thing we have,” he said Sunday at a Toronto hotel. “(Canadian soldiers) didn’t give their lives to free Europe, (so that) not 50, 60, 70 years later we would face another totalitarianism ideology called Islam.” Toronto’s invitation-only event is being emceed by the Sun’s Ezra Levant, who will also interview him Monday on Sun News. London, Ottawa and Nashville are also on the schedule because Wilders said they are known as “the Bible belt” – areas with devout Christians. “What happened in Europe will also happen here,” Wilders said. “We should wake up to the fact that Islamization means less freedom to us and our children.”

The Islamic Society of Toronto and the Canadian Islamic Congress could not be reached for comment on Sunday. However, Anti-Racist Action and the First Nations Solidarity Working Group are organizing protests in the cities Wilders is speaking in. “As Muslims, racialized people and/or anti-racist allies, we are alarmed at this invitation extended to Wilders by the Canada Christian College and International Free Press Society Canada,” the groups said in a press release. “It is also very clear that after all the hysteria about free speech, the event has been organized so as to deter any dissenting voices or protest.” In addition to being invitation-only, tickets cost $20 and must be purchased with a credit and proper name just to find out the location of the speeches. Wilders is adamant he doesn’t hate all Muslims — he hates the “ideology” of Islam “that wants to rule every aspect of life.” He blames politically-correct politicians for adding fuel to the fire by insisting people of all cultures are equal.

“If you say your culture is better than the Islamic culture, you’re not a racist,” Wilders said. “The majority of Muslims are law-abiding, they want a good life for their families. There are moderate Muslims but there are no moderate Islams. The stronger the people become, the harder it will be to fight the ideology.” In the Netherlands within the coming years, there will be a ban on the burka, Wilders notes. In Canada, the government needs to shut the borders to immigrants coming from the Middle East. “For the people who are (already in Canada), behave, assimilate or we will send you packing,” he suggested. “For the people to not make the problem worse, stop the immigration from non-Western countries and stop the Islamization process and the building of new mosques. This is really what we should do.”
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