Adam David Huber, Robert William Roy Rodgers and David Samuel White convicted of assault

"COURTENAY, B.C. — Three white men who fought [NB "attacked"] a lone black man in an incident that was recorded and posted on YouTube — where it went viral and sparked a major outcry — have been found guilty of common assault by a B.C. judge.

"The acid fog of racism permeates this case," Judge Peter Doherty told the Vancouver Island courtroom Thursday as he made his ruling.

"Three young white men, fuelled by alcohol and testosterone and their own immaturity, crossed paths with a black man and lives changed forever."

The incident occurred on July 3 last year after Adam David Huber, Robert William Roy Rodgers and David Samuel White had spent the afternoon drinking beer and tubing on the Puntledge River.

As they returned home, they decided to stop for a burger in Courtenay, B.C. As Huber and Rodgers rode in the cab of the pickup White, riding in the box, hurled a racial slur at black man Jay Phillips as they passed him on the road... more Courtenay Attack of Black man attacked at McDonalds

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On July 3rd, Jay Phillips was first attacked verbally by 3 men riding in a pickup truck. Feeling his freedom in this small logging town was at risk, he decided to fight back.

*Retraction* Before we label them as White Supremacist, lets see if the BC Hate Crime Team suggests Hate Crime convictions first.

However, their Facebook account shows at least KKK symbols.

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