Combating Hate

Combatting Hate Groups: Guidelines for Community Action

This manual is a condensed and revised version of Organizing Rules: A Strategic Guide for Combatting Hate Groups, previously published by the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society. Those interested in more detailed information and analysis of strategies for effective community action should consult Organizing Rules as well as the resources and organizations listed in the appendices of this manual. We would like to thank Dick Chamney, Jessica Black, Warren Kinsella, Joyce McArthur, Julien Sher for allowing us to use portions of their work previously published in Organizing Rules.

We are indebted to a large number of people and groups for their help and support in preparing the present manual. In particular, we would like to thank the advisory group: Ron Bourgeault, Wilma Clark, Trudy Dirk, Sandy Dore, Dr. Chiara Ensalmo, Gavin Hainsworth, Laurie Hearty, Helmut-Harry Loewen and Rick McKenna. We are indebted to Don Crane of Rush, Crane, Guenther and Adams for legal advice. We also want to thank the community leaders and teachers and students who participated in focus group meetings to discuss and help refine the manual. Not least, we want to acknowledge the friendly advice and tireless work of Zeineen Panjou and Zebeen Panjou in coordinating the project.

The principal researchers, writers and editors, Dale Cornish and Alan Dutton would like to acknowledge their debt to the aboriginal elders and leaders with whom they have worked over many years. In particular, they would like to thank Ernie Crey, Ron George, Viola Thomas and Rosalie Tiza for their wisdom, guidance and support.

The present manual was made possible by a generous grant from the Community Liaison Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General province of British Columbia. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the advice and support of Mary Clare Zak and Patsy George of the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia.

The information and analysis presented in the following pages does not necessarily represent the views of the government of the province of British Columbia nor is it meant as legal advice. A competent lawyer should be consulted for legal advice. Competent community groups should be consulted on practical issues of organizing and security. Any errors or omissions are entirely the responsibility of the authors.

Victims of racism and hate crime are encouraged to report incidents at or by E-mail to Victims of racism and hate crime are also encouraged to contact a local law enforcement agency in case of emergency or to make a complaint.