Stop Abusive Content on YouTube: Word, User Name Filtering and IP Blocking / Common Proxies

YouTube (YT) presently responds to complaints of abusive, racist, and homophobic content by blocking usernames and/or taking down the offending channel. This is not sufficient since users can simply clone new channels and/or create new user names within minutes of being suspended.

Please help us by demanding YT implement Word, User Name filtering, blocking IP address's as well as blocking commonly used proxies and Anonymous Internet services.

This proposol would go a long way to help stop offensive content and harassment on YouTube. YT is owned and operated by Google.

Word Filtering

Word filtering works by blocking offensive words like "nigger”, “faggot”, “jewwatch” or “1488,88” in the creation of new YouTube channel user names. A simple word filter would prevent user names for accounts like nigggrstinksofshit18 and JewwatchFrance and JEWWATCH7 or HAHAimbackjews1488, 14USA88, MrNiggerHunter1488x.

User Name Filtering

User name filtering prevents suspended abusive users from using the same username again in series or derivatives like niggerstinksofshit18, niggerstinksofshit19 or JewatchFrance, GastheKikes, GasTheKikesScum, GasTheKikes1.

It is obvious that a person who creates username like "niggersrstinksofshit18" does so to gain attention and to advertise offensive content. Why not put a stop to this practice by simply filtering racist, homophobic and other offensive terms and previously suspended user names as well as implanting good IP & Anonymous Service blocking.

Obviously, this would not solve all the problems of offensive content, but it would help and is a relatively simple technological fix.

IP Blocking / Common Proxies

At present, YT reacts to complaints about offensive content by suspending the offending usernames. The YT Terms of Service clearly states that: "A user whose account has been terminated is prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts".

But offenders know that they can re-create or clone their channels within a few minutes because YT does not block the IP address where the offensive content originates.

Blocking the IP address or common proxies and Anonymous Internet Services like Tor would prevent abusive users from bypassing YT Terms of Services restrictions by using multiple usernames and/or accounts.

The user names listed in the beginning of this document are all examples of serial abusers that are actually still active (i.e., JewWatchEngland, NiggerForTheNiggers, oNiggerWhereArtThou on YT) because of inadequate IP/Anonymous blocking and keyword/username filtering.

Serial abusers and racist are well more than well aware of how to avoid IP blocking by using anonymous services like Tor and racist neo-Nazi sites like StormFront. (Stormfront actually teaches them how to use anonymous proxies).

Effective IP Blocking and Anonymous Service (i.e., Tor) blocking has been successfully implemented on Wikipedia a not-for-profit website (reference) to prevent serial abusers from spoiling/mis-editing their articles by creating new accounts after a ban and this type of blocking can be easily implemented on YT.


To help stop hate, racism and other abusive words and content it is a simple matter to filter offensive words like "nigger”, “faggot”, “jewwatch” or “1488” or “88” so that these words are prevented from being used as usernames and/or account names on YT.

Blocking an offending user's IP address / Anonymous Services is a second technological solution to helping prevent abusive and hateful/racist content. IP blocking / Anonymous Services would prevent users from creating new usernames and new channels for offensive content.

YT can easily implement these two simple technological fixes. Please help us persuade YT to implement these standard blocking and filtering practices by emailing YT at the following email address's. Please add your concerns and reference this article. (Copy and paste the following email address's in the To: of your email client or click the email to link here to autofill a new email using your default email client)

YouTube Suggestions <>,
YouTube Administration <>,
YouTube Citizen <>,
YouTube Editor <>,
YouTube Security <>,
YouTube Service <>,

Please send a copy of your complaint to so we can track YT's response.

Thank You.

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I think the text is excellent. One thing, on which I disagree a bit, is masking of the offensive words with asterisks. This might also be a cultural difference between Northern America and Europe, but to me it looks quite strange. I'm all for political correctness, but this is hyper-correctness. After all everyone knows which letters are replaced with asterisks, so who are we fooling? They only make the text less legible, and look awkward. But this is only my opinion; what do others think?

You are right. Everyone knows what these words are and using the whole words without asterisks might make the letter more effective in certain contexts.

However, it is important to note that racists are using the Canadian Human Rights Commission to harass anti-racist websites and have filed complaints about using live links to websites like Stormfront, etc., and as well complaints about using the words we masked with asterisks, arguing that we are promoting racism by using those words, despite the context. Its crazy I know, but Nazis can use legislation to try to shut us down, as we use it to shut them down.

If the campaign to stop offensive content on YT uses only YT accounts, then it doesn't matter so much if the words are masked by asterisks. On the other hand, if a broad campaign is anticipated, then maybe masking is warranted. Personally, it offends me to continually see racist, homophobic, etc words and I like to block them. But I guess the decision to mask or use the words as well as live links is not so much a personal matter as much as a strategic one.

What do other people think?

I agree, the text is superbly put together. Well done!
I disagree with the covering up of words with asterisks. Apart from everyone knowing what the words are, it also gives the impression that it is okay to use these words, so long as they are covered up. It is like a form of politeness. Whatever about swear words like f**k, that's okay but as for racist and nazi words there can be no form of politeness, they should not be allowed at all even if masked up. I think this would be bending the rules for racists and they should be given no leeway at all to post their hate. But after saying all that if it came down to the asterisks or nothing, I suppose the asterisks would be much better than the full words.