Countering hate speech on social media

Social media has proven itself to be the greatest bastion of free speech on the Internet. Governments have usually refrained to interfere in this domain and until now the arena is marked with a great sense of openness. People express their political and social views publicly and in a rather frank manner. But this fondness for freedom of expression has lead to emergence of a disturbing trend over the years as the line between freedom of speech and hate speech has become blurred.

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Section 13 Human Rights Complaints

Canadian Human Rights Section 13 Complaints

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, rescinded s. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act in 2013. S. 13(1) was one of the most important pieces of legislation to prevent hate groups from using the internet to promote racism and hate and recruit young people into hate groups. Stephen Harper, in his early career as a right-wing politicians, was a member of the Norther Foundation.