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Governor General Feared Tory ‘PR Machine’ as Conservatives Lie to Canadians

In 2008, Stephen Harper went one step too far in his minority government and the opposition parties decided it was time to take him down. While the Liberals and New Democrats discussed a possible governing coalition, the Conservatives attacked with everything they had. When Canadians started protesting for both sides and the talks got more heated, Harper went to the Governor General and asked her to prorogue (temporarily shut down) Parliament.

All of this happened just weeks after the October election.

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Elections Canada taps CRTC for help with deluge of robo-call complaints

Deluged with a staggering volume of grievances about fraudulent calls in the last election, Elections Canada is referring some complainants to another federal regulator – the CRTC – that also has

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Conservative Party fined for breaking election laws - 2008

The Conservative Party was fined $52,000 for breaking election rules in a deal that saw charges dropped against four senior officials, but guilty pleas by the organizations for which they made the decisions.

Under a deal accepted by Judge Celynne Dorval in an Ottawa courtroom Thursday afternoon, the party and its fundraising arm, the Conservative Fund, pleaded guilty to Elections Act charges of incurring election expenses exceeding the maximum allowable and filing election records that didn't set out all expenses.

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